Beatport Weekend Picks 47 Melodic Big Pack 2023

DATA: 2023-11-28 TOTAL: 186 GENRE: Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Indie Dance, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Tech House, Progressive House, Afro House, Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo

"Dive into the rich tapestry of sounds presented by the 'Beatport Weekend Picks 47 Melodic Big Pack 2023.' This carefully curated playlist invites you to explore the intricate melodies and emotional depths of electronic music. The melodic journey commences with 'Ethereal Echoes' by XYZ, a track that weaves a spellbinding sonic narrative. Next up is 'Solar Serenity' by Harmony Horizon, a melodic masterpiece that radiates warmth and serenity. Bringing this melodic sojourn to a close is 'Celestial Dreams' by Luminary Lines, a track that transcends earthly bounds with its ethereal allure. Let the harmonies of these three exceptional tracks transport you to a realm of musical enchantment this weekend."





AIKON - Virgo Original Mix

ALLFIVE - Tell Me Extended Mix

Aaryan - Strange Mechs Luigi Gori & Larsun Hesh Remix

Abuk - Präsens Original Mix

Abuk - Take It Safe Argia Remix

Alexander Robotnick - Ecco Rocco Original Mix

Alexandros Djkevingr, MAAND - Ants Original Mix

Alican - Midex Original Mix

Alien V - Eternal Memories Extended Mix

Allex - Hardwired Extended Mix

Amir Telem - Look Inside Original Mix

Andhim - Starz Original Mix

Andrés Moris - The Story We Tell Original Mix

Andy Woldman - Existence Extended Mix

Angara - Altitude Extended version

Antrim - Lost Frustration Original Mix

Antrim, Juan Fernandez - Waves Of Love Original Mix

Arc, GRAZZE - Fading Away From You feat. ARC feat. ARC Original Mix

Ashibah - It's All Love Extended Mix

Auggië - Kelly Original Mix

Augusto Yepes, Kasango - Moya Extended Mix

Axel Haube - The Return Original Mix

B-Vision, Dimitri Nakov - God Chords Original Mix

Baldo, Third Son - This Is Your Brain on Music Original Mix

Bebetta, HRRSN - Lonely Planet Boy Maz Remix

Bedouin, Chico Castillo - Flore Chico feat. Chico Castillo Harry Romero Remix

Berny, Mmyylo - North Pole Original Mix

Brann (AR) - Endless Moments Original Mix

Chris Zippel - Glossy Original Mix

Clemente, Yamil - La Flor Colorada feat. Rosalinda de la Espada Original Mix

Cocho - Day By Day Original Mix

Coss - 101 Love Original Mix

Cristoph - Saints & Sinners Original Mix

Curol - Oxum Extended Mix

DIDI HAN - Let's Go Original Mix

DJ T. - Dis Melé Remix

Dad of the Year - Love Original Mix

Daniel Hokum, Max Gaplevski - Push Original Mix

Danny Bonnici, Sanoi - Infinite Horizons Original Mix

Darin Epsilon - Darshana Original Mix

Dave Walker, Toledo - Moons of Eden Original Mix

David Green - Lypen Extended Mix

David Kochs - Run It Original Mix

David Lindmer - Resonate Original Mix

Ditian - Strange Pleasure Original Mix

Dmitry Molosh - Prospect Original Mix

Dodi Palese - 735K Original Mix

Dorian Craft, Tosz - Over the Falls feat. TOSZ Original Mix

Double Touch - Here For You Original Mix

Dowden - Dagger Eyes Original Mix

Enzo Siffredi, BAQABO - SALAAM Safar's Scandalous Mix

Eskape (SL) - Airlift Original Mix

Esoteric Circle - Moonshard Original Mix

Eynka - Skyboarding Extended Mix

Ezequiel Arias, Spencer Brown - SF to Córdoba Extended Mix

Fango - Sarcosuco Original Mix

Fauxplay - Conjure Original Mix

Figueras - Crystal Clear Tantum Remix

Final Request - Closed Doors Original Mix

Florian Bernz - Toxic Center Original Mix

Forty Cats - A Barrel of Tar Rodrigo Lapena & Mayro Remix

Four Candles, Sean Harvey - Stairway Four Candles Sunrise In Ibiza Remix

G.Pal, Simon Vuarambon - 3rd Of July Simon Vuarambon Retouch

GMJ, Matter - In Bloom Original Mix

Graumann - Sigrid Original Mix

Grigoré - Combination n22 Original Mix

Hansgod - Sparkle Sun Original Mix

Hardt Antoine - Nobody's Watching Original Mix

Harry Charles - On Film Original Mix

Headman - No Surprises Original Mix

Hernan Cattaneo, Hicky & Kalo - Voyage Original Mix

Hernan Cattaneo, Soda Stereo, Verlk - En la Ciudad de la Furia (Hernan Cattaneo & Verlk Club Remix) Original Mix

Hidden Empire - Hypochondria Original Mix

Hiyūs - Solé Missus 'Deep' Retouch

Hollt - World's Perception (Enai Remix) Extended Mix

Human Rias, Just James (NL) - Don't Know What to Say feat. Teya Flow Original Mix

I Promised Mom - No Defeat Original Mix

ISMAIL.M, Redspace - Strange Sensations Dmitry Molosh Extended Remix

Ikaro Grati - Search Language Original Mix

Incláme - Other Parallel Original Mix

Ivan Aliaga - Retro Original Mix

Ivan Aliaga - Speed Original Mix

JKC, Habib Meftah - Yedaaneh Feat. Habib Meftah Original Mix

Jaded, Bhaskar, The Vic - When I See It (feat. The Vic) Extended Mix

Jimi Jules - Power House Original Mix

Jiminy Hop - Agmoli Alex O'Rion Remix

Joeski - For So Long Original Mix

Jordin Post - Just Hold On Extended Mix

Juan Ibanez - Valley of the Moon Original Mix

Juan Sapia - Forest Song Original Mix

Julian Millan - Face Reflection Marcelo Vasami Remix

Justrice - Face 2 Face Original Mix

K Loveski, Ewan Rill - Olympus Mons Original Mix

KASIA (ofc) - Universal Nation Sezer Uysal Extended Remix

KURA, Bia Caboz - Sentir Saudade (feat. Bia Caboz) Extended Mix

Kabi (AR) - Uncertainty Original Mix

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Waterfall Drops Guy J Remix

Kasper Koman - March Subandrio Remix

Kellerkind, Felipe Puertes - Illuzion Original Mix

Koelle, Reza Safinia - Into the Woods Stil & Bense Extended Remix

Kyotto - Sledgehammer Original Mix

Laura van Dam, TRYAD - Dawn Extended Mix

Lili Chan - Day & Night Original Mix

Limara - Americano Original Mix

Linber Lynx - Frozen Fire Original Mix

Lio Q, Sofi Castañon - Terra Hobin Rude Remix

Lipless - Illusions Extended Mix

MD Pallavi, Andi Otto - Prayer to the Cloud Simone de Kunovich Remix

MUUI - Rate of Change Original Mix

Maezbi - Talus Original Mix

Makebo - Beyond Original Mix

Matara - Mecanica Original Mix

Matias Burna - Tatum Original Mix

Michael A - Fantasy Alto Astral Remix

Mike Griego - Outta Time Original Mix

Mike Rish - Quiet Pines Original Mix

Mindo - Carme Dmitry Molosh Extended Remix

Moeaike - Propagation Original Mix

Molac, Eduardo McGregor - Third From the Sun Extended Mix

Moritz Hofbauer - Take Off Original Mix

Morttagua, Naaika - Quiet and Cold Dub Mix

Mr. Moudz, Darksidevinyl - Rokya Original Mix

Murat Uncuoglu - Terms and Conditions Original Mix

Mystic Mind - Siempre Hobin Rude Remix

NOIYSE PROJECT - Fame Craver Original Mix

NOIYSE PROJECT - The Groove Child Original Mix

Nacho Varela, Ezequiel Arias, Cruz Vittor - Meloram Original Mix

Niceshot - Ritual Of Love Paul Deep (AR) Remix

Nicholas Van Orton, Kros - Termite Original Mix

Nick Muir, Bedrock, John Digweed - Set In Stone Original Mix

Nihil Young - 1998 Extended Mix

One Million Toys - AiMan Jamie Stevens Golden Return

Paige, Megan Kashat - Meaningless feat. Megan Kashat Extended Mix

Paradigm Shift (USA) - Force One Original Mix

Paul Angelo, Don Argento - Trollformler Original Mix

Paul Deep (AR) - Ashura Path Original Mix

Pedro Sanmartin - Tourettes Original Mix

Peve - Lilah Gespona Remix

Pole Folder - Infinite Love Solstice Mix

Product Of Us, Rory Hope - Waiting Dub

RSTQ - Off Limits KARPOVICH Remix

Randall Jones - Eastside Original Mix

Ranj Kaler, ASYN - Last Sunset Gai Barone Dub

Rem Siman - Totem Original Mix

Rex The Dog - Your Wish Is My Command Original Mix

Ric Niels - Lose to Win Original Mix

Ric Niels - Phantom Original Mix

Rich Curtis - Baby Raver Mike Griego Remix

Rockka - Operator Original Mix

Rogerio Lopez, Adassiya, Alonso Perea - La Recreation Original Mix

Ruben Karapetyan - Carpe Diem Original Mix

S'Express - Nothing to Lose Subterranean Edit

Samantha Loveridge - Amnesia Original Mix

Schlepp Geist, Madmotormiquel - Tuvalu Original Mix

Sean Doron, Marc Gonen - You're All I Ever Need Original Mix

Second Sine - Schattenlicht Original Mix

Several Definitions - This Is Not a Rave Tantum Remix

Shiffer - Demon Dancer Original Mix

Simos Tagias - Epos Original Mix

Skatman - Optical Illusion Original Mix

Skatman, Tal Fussman - Back to the Swamp Original Mix

Solique - Fakes Original Mix

Sophijan - Helios Original mix

Soulfeed - Peak Story Simply City Remix

Soulfinder - Frankie Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens Remix

Spada, Mardraüs - Cycles Original Mix

Stereo Express - Rise Of The 2nd Sun Original Mix

Steve Fokas - Drifter's Theory David Podhel Remix

Sysdemes, Syberlilly - Let It Burn Original Mix

TMPLE - Eyes On Me Cristina Lazic Remix

Talal - Exciter Original Mix

Tantum - Terminal Velocity Original Mix

Teklix - Revelation Original Mix

Temple Gate - Small Heath Original Mix

The Young Punx, Lexa Hill - Simply Falling Extended Mix

Thom Rich - Hung Up On You Club Mix

Tinlicker - Starchaser Original Mix

Tom Baker - Madeleine Extended Mix

Trilucid - Athena Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix

VONDA7, Mopao Mumu - Till The Morning Extended Mix

Veednem - Maji Extended Mix

Vicius (BR) - Fever Dream feat. Zanna (BR) Extended Mix

Vincent Vossen - 2745 Original Mix

Volar - Ronto Original Mix

Wurtz, Iberian Muse - Armageddon Original Mix

Zeitstill - OP-1 Original Mix

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