junoBeat AFRO 2023-04-27

DATA: 2023-04-27 TOTAL: 97 GENRE: Afro House, Amapiano, Afrobeat

JunoBeat AFRO is a dynamic and exciting musical genre that is rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Africa. This genre is characterized by its use of traditional African instruments such as djembes, congas, and talking drums, as well as modern electronic instruments and production techniques. The resulting sound is a fusion of old and new, traditional and modern, that is both familiar and fresh. JunoBeat AFRO is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds and has become a popular genre for dance parties and other social events. Its infectious rhythms and lively melodies are sure to lift your spirits and get you moving.




&friends,Dr Feel,Phina Asa - Dangerous - Extended Mix

&friends,Dr Feel,Samuel Cosmic,Phina Asa - Dangerous - Samuel Cosmic Extended Mix

ADJUMA - Moksi - Ancient Dub Mix

Afro Swanky - In Your Eyes

Alessa Khin - D'or Lion

AMVN - Blame It On The Wine

Atmos Blaq - Kwa Mama

Avi Snow,Tamir Regev,Ben Cina,Paso Doble - Common Ground - Paso Doble Remix

Ayala (IT),Nes Mburu - Ngatho

Black Peace - Abduction

Black Peace - Mercury

BOKKIEULT,Money Ostrich - Monalisa (feat. Money Ostrich)

Boy Oh Boy - Meeting Emma

Chosen SA - Journey - Original Mix

Christos Fourkis - Zulu Screams

Darque,Murumba Pitch - O Khokho

Dexxx Gum - My Way

DiToX Tone - R519 Route

DiToX Tone - Z.B Genesis

DJ Fresh (SA) - Journey to Africa

DJ Fresh (SA),Buyiswa,Caiiro - Mela (Ma-Africa) (Caiiro's Revised Dub)

DJ Fresh (SA),Gouveia,MmaLaloo,LB Thagas,Domboshaba - Metlholo (Domboshaba Remix)

DJ Fresh (SA),Shona SA - Free (Ndinyerere)

DJ NAHH,Mdu Aziz - The Rhythm

DJ Vivona,Monique Bingham,Enoo Napa - Over Him, Under Him - Enoo Napa Afro Mix

Dr Feel - Sawa Sawa - Spirit Mix

Dr Feel - Zulu Warrior

Dr Feel,KayTee En Glent - Cry No More

Duty Sound - I Feel U - Extended

Ece Ekren - Selene

EQUIE - Kambo

Eran Hersh,Sounds Of Rituals - Eastern Melody

Étienne (DE) - You Me Together

Fiona Kraft - Deeper Feelings

Fiona Kraft - Flashback

Freeman Skyz,Thirty,Louis Bongo,Lacarte - Sophumelela - Louis Bongo & Lacarte Remix

From96 - Estereotipos

Furious George - Concierto De Música - Original Havana Mix

GodT Cor Anglais® 27 - Giggle Ghost (Afro Anthem)

Groove Shack - Covers

Hallex M,Floyd Lavine,Afrosideral - Ese Soy Yo

Hanna Haïs - Zuwa

Hyenah,G-Wash10,Masšh - Rain Queen - Masšh Remix

Hyenah,Lazarusman - The Hi

Hyenah,Pablo Fierro,Lazarusman,Super Flu - The Balance - Super Flu Remix

HyperSOUL-X,Idd Aziz,Demented Soul - Pendula - Demented Soul Imp5 Afro Mix

HyperSOUL-X,Idd Aziz,Shredder SA - Pendula - Shredder SA Remix

Jamek Ortega,DJ RONN - Humming

Joeski - Oshosi

Kabbala,Dave Lee - Ashewo Ara - Dave Lee Afro Fusion Mix

Karyendasoul,Jordan Arts - Something More

Kato Change,Winyo,Suraj,Euggy,Dylan-S - Neuru - Euggy & Dylan-S Remix

Kato Change,Winyo,Suraj,Mpho.Wav - Nyoro - Mpho.Wav Remix

Kgzoo,Classic Desire - Abasekorinte 1

Kgzoo,Classic Desire - Baobab Stargate

Kgzoo,Classic Desire - Vita

KiingPraiise - Diaspora

Korrila - Eveything

LIBOZ - Tchebé Tchebé

Ma-B,Stewie Le Savage - Luna - Extended Mix

Malumz on Decks,Mbali Malimela - Aluta

Mark Valsecchi - Sorry Come Again

Meera (NO) - Grevling

Monserratt,Mrodriguez - Guitarrero

Mood Gorning - Chimney Sweep

Moojo,Demayä - Lotus

Musiq Mo,Sarah Mmekoe,Mtsepisto - Humanity - Mtsepisto Remix

Newmanhere,Badbox - Ayala - Badbox Remix

Nickodemus,Sid Vaga,Beni-Fadi - Mba-Mba (Dilemma)

Obdurate,DarQknight,Lizwi - Maphuma (feat. Lizwi) - Extended Mix

Oscar P,Dennis Red,Silvano Del Gado - Mine - Silvano Del Gado Remix

Osunlade,Carlos Mena,Morena - Los Tambores Te Llaman - Morena's Sacred Remix

PabloSA - Retreat - Afro mix

Phemelo Rangaka,Alison Maseko - Production

Queen Rami,Saint Evo - Euforia

re os - REO MATSUMOTO - Dialog

RE\MIND - Midnight Tales

Shimza - That Organ Track

Sounds Of Rituals,Augusto Yepes - Hidden Thoughts

Stefano Ranieri - It Could Happen

Stoim,Enoo Napa - Pharaoh - Enoo Napa Remix

Stones & Bones - Afronova

Sweet 6Teen - Luther

Taiyō,Sifa,Adassiya - Memoria - Sifa Day Version

Takashi Kurosawa,Morris Revy - Fye - Original Mix

Tatonka,C Minor - Lost in the Jungle - C Minor Remix

Taz Morale,Nonzwakazii,MoIsh,Vasilis - iMpumelelo - Moish & Vasilis Remix

Thakzin,Audrey - Please Don't

TIAGO BRITO - Faceless Warrior

TIMANTI,Simila - Fwana

Valexx,Tabia - Nguewe

Valexx,Tabia,Da Africa Deep - Nguewe - Da Africa Deep Remix

Valexx,Tabia,Moish,Vasilis - Nguewe - Moish & Vasilis Remix

West & Hill,Soulroots,Soul Star - The World Goes Round

Yamil,Clemente,Lewis Beards - Thousand Miles

Yamil,Thimble - Real Love

Zenma,Solidmind,Lizwi - Deda

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