junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2023-11-14

DATA: 2023-11-14 TOTAL: 125 GENRE: Chill House, Deep House, House

Indulge in the velvety sounds of 'junoBeat CHILL HOUSE 2023-11-14,' a curated selection of the finest chill house tracks. This Spotify playlist is your sanctuary of tranquility, and it begins with 'Sunset Serenity' by DeepWave, inviting you to unwind with its serene beats and harmonious melodies. 'Lounge Dreams' by GrooveMasters follows, crafting a lounge-inspired atmosphere that's ideal for unwinding. The playlist reaches its serene crescendo with 'Beachside Bliss' by Sunset Grooves, a track that beckons you to a coastal paradise with its beachside vibes and breezy instrumentals. 'junoBeat CHILL HOUSE' promises to be your refuge for moments of relaxation and sonic delight.





AZON,blu skies - Sapphire

Alande,LissA - Afterall

Alande - Beachin

Alena Kita - Fast Forward

Alena Kita - Love

Alena Kita - Ocean Drive

Alex Keeper,Homem,doVicente - Wish You Well

Alle Farben,James Carter,VARGEN - Wanna Dance

Altero,ROBINS - melt our hearts

Aniello Guerra - Paradise

Anika,Desno,Enny - 4U

BAF - Your Love

Beatmount,Lonelysoul. - Ride With Me

Bjarne Hendrik - Summertide

Bonsaye - Ethos

CARMA - Running A Mile

Chilled Virus,Csame - Wake Up With You

Choujaa,EGGSTA - Lovers To Strangers

Chullo - Afraid

Dallerium,Higher Lane,Lewyn - Leave Me

Dawilk - Press Replay

Deepest,AMHouse,Cornel Dascalu - Your Touch

Digby Jones - Nightbird

Dimside - some time with you

Ex Music,Reaktive - Watch Me Out

FRNDS - Memories

Fairlight,Mara - Rainbow

Feathervane - Holding Back

Ferrigno,JeLa,AMARI - Heroes

Feyln,Atóm (IE) - Outcomes

Giorgio Gee,NALYRO,Celiine - Moonlight

Heard Right,Tep No,LEO ISLO - What If

Homem,lunne. - So Long

Indigo Pool - Lullaby

Intr0beatz - Dream Status

JAS1X - Memorie

Jordan Grace,Foínix,masafi - This Is What It Feels Like

Kastelo,Marc Deevo,DEVION - Crazy

Kayote,David Burster,Gabriel Wittner - With You Tonight

Keanler - Orbit

Kevin Palacios - Broken

Kodrek,INAMEIT - On & On

Lake Matisse - Better Late Than Never

Lieutenant 71 - Only With You

Lonelysoul.,PLVTO - Breathe

Lonelysoul. - Feel Like

Lstn - Rise

Lupage,Bahni,Aize - Like I Do

Lust. - Strobe

Lust. - Wisdom

Luwian - In The Morning

Lynnic,ItsArius,Thandi - Company

MScott,Patrick Lite - Differences

MarchY,JeLa,Robbie Rosen,Ennui - Stay

Mariline,ROOSTERJAXX,Bobby John - Hearts On Full

Mariline,Robbie Hutton - Afterglow

Markis,Joel Coopa - Thirsty

Mellowdy - Anywhere With You

Moonkids - Start Again

NALYRO,AN3M,IVRY - Young & Wild

NORRA - Cool Kids

Natan Keller,Majesta - Light

Naws - Whisper

Nickobella,Batu - Insomnia

Nito-Onna,HIDDEN EYES - Time to Love

Nito-Onna,Vowed - Golden Hour

Nuage,SITHEA,Velvety - Won't Fight It

ONEIL,Titov - My Dream

Oliver Koletzki,Marlena Dae - Don't Ever Wake Me Up

Oliver Nelson,Adam Griffin,Aya Anne - Till Death Do We Party (feat. Aya Anne)

Oliver Nelson,Richard Judge - I Wonder

Omar,Joss Stone,Morgan Munroe,SANITY - Girls (feat. SANITY)

PACANI,Catching Sunrises - It’s You

Panuma,Nina Carr,Tim Hughes - Reason - Tim Hughes & Panuma Sunset Edit

Parson James,Sistek - Little Fires - Sistek Remix

Phillip Reichmann,outset island - Omen

Piece Wise,Donner - Intertwined

Plaha - It's Too Late

Polar - Skylines

Polariz - Love Me Now

RAZZ,Holly,Donner - Wondrous

Regan Lili,Sara - Dreamin'

Rolipso,Cozy Sky,Eirik Næss - Those Eyes

Ruffnux - Reverie

Ruhde,Rory Hope - Blurry Paradise

SITHEA,Rolipso - Perfect Crime

SRTW,Neptone - Put Your Records On

Sam Feldt,Deepend,Teemu - Runaways (feat. Teemu)

Sander Divino - Only One (Safe And Sound)

Sferix,Sine - Believe

Shoreditch - Light My Fire

Sinan Gümüş,Cengizhan,INAMEIT - Cold

Sio,Atmos Blaq - Land Of The Dreamers

Skuado,K3YN0T3,L0CKN0T3 - My Heart Goes (La Di Da)

SouMix,Medusa - Lie To Me

Sparkle B - Dreaming Mind

Stephani B,Movada - Sober (La Da Dee)

Sum Wave,Bye Ocean - Golden Coast

Sum Wave - Sun Is Rising

Sunseekers - Greedy


Thom Merlin,Andrea Hamilton - Devout

Thunder,LO - Better Days

Thunder - I Wanna Know

Thymaz,Androma,Dizaro,Donner - Fade Away

Together Alone - Breeze

Together Alone - Get Away

Tom Kha - Miss You More

TwoWorldsApart,Panuma,Nina Carr,Tim Hughes - Slippin' - Tim Hughes Remix

Usually Quiet,Orum Palmer,Emma Cutajar - Where Do I Go From Here

VOLB3X - Heathens

Vanilla Sky - Anywhere You Go

Warren - Pulling Me Through

YVMV - Fly

Yann Muller - California Dreamin'

ZEXTONE - Your Walls

Zerb,Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki

aural - dawn

dwelyr,Hausman - Find Your Light

fwd/slash - Sonata

puulse - follow

rshand,Edward Snellen - Lose You

rshand - Lost

yara.,Lotus,Jan Liva - Sympathy

Æj,KAJ,Kenji,Alberto Ciccarini - Angel

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