junoBeat MELODIC 2023-04-29

DATA: 2023-04-30 TOTAL: 54 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House

junoBeat MELODIC is a versatile software program that offers a wealth of features and tools for musicians and producers. With its extensive library of sounds and instruments, users can easily create complex melodies and harmonies, experimenting with different scales, chords, and rhythms to craft unique and compelling compositions. Whether you're working in a home studio or a professional recording environment, junoBeat MELODIC is the perfect choice for adding depth and complexity to your music. So if you're looking for a powerful tool to help you create melodic content, be sure to check out junoBeat MELODIC today.




Aalson,Minorah - Last One - 2023 Rework

Agatha Pher - One Way

Analog Sol,Eddie Le Funk - Isla Calavera - Original Mix

Anima,Martin Magal - Planet - Extended Mix

Ant+Shift - Palolemica

Avi Snow,Tamir Regev,Ben Cina,Paso Doble - Common Ground - Paso Doble Remix

Avidus - Pan

Avoure,Jem Cooke - Illuminate

Beije,Qualista - Ivory

Benzsoul - Solid

Booka Shade - Sound Of The Dragonfly

Boss Axis - Bright Palace

Brigado Crew,Crisstiano - Unknown Lifeform

Chaim - Now Not Tomorrow

Chaim - Single Foot

Cristoph - Saints & Sinners

Dapayk solo - Klunkerkranich

Dee Montero - Freedom

Delon - Dystopia

Edu Imbernon,Nico Casal,Solomon Grey - Noso

Einmusik - Funkenflug

Emanuele Esposito,Darksidevinyl - Your Way

Felix Raphael - Pieces - Dub Mix

Gaia Ekho,Qualista - Eunoia

Gene Farris - Moving 2 The Future

Gorje Hewek,Roy Rosenfeld,Dulus - Vida

Henrik Villard - Change

Hidden Empire - Dark Sun

Jeremy Olander - Gator

Jono Stephenson,Raphael Mader - Stardust - Raphael Mader Remix

Khaled Abdrabo - Dadirri

Klanglos - Escape

Kölsch,ARTBAT,Troels Abrahamsen - All That Matters - ARTBAT Remix

Lexer - Milkshake

Lost Rhythm - Dark Ocean

Marcus Lönas - Edge of the World

Nihil Young - Dark Future

Onen - Without Saying

Oriss,Adam Sellouk - Stellar

Paul Anthonee - We Are the Machines

Rauschhaus - Chrom

Robert Babicz - We Will Never Give Up

Roy Rosenfeld - Simi

S.ONE - Meli

Sandhog - Accent

SANJAY,Diva - Dive2 (Davi Extended Remix)

Shouse,Dennis Ferrer,Seth Troxler - (still) WON'T4GETU

Stil & Bense - Home & High

Talón - Zohar

Thomas Lizzara - Remember

TOBEHONEST - Daka - Original Mix

Umami,Monolink,Inamo - Terra Mount - Inámo Remix

Yamil,Clemente,Lewis Beards - Thousand Miles

Yan Solo - Keep Moving

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