junoBeat Soulful House Big Pack 2023-11-11

DATA: 2023-11-05 TOTAL: 759 GENRE: Soulful House

JunoBeat is making waves in the music industry with its latest release, the "Soulful House Big Pack," on November 11, 2023. This compilation is a testament to JunoBeat's commitment to providing top-tier music content. Brimming with soulful melodies, irresistible rhythms, and grooves that are simply infectious, this pack is a true goldmine for DJs and music enthusiasts alike. Whether you're a DJ seeking to infuse your sets with soulful vibes or a music lover looking for tunes that touch the heart, the "Soulful House Big Pack" offers a diverse and compelling selection of tracks that will undoubtedly elevate your musical experience.




3 Winans Brothers,Karen Clark Sheard,Louie Vega - I Choose You - Louie Vega Chosen Dub

3 Winans Brothers,Karen Clark Sheard - I Choose You - Old Skool Mix

AJourneyOfMilez,Zianda - Notice You

ANT LaROCK,Zhao - The Question - Main Mix

A.O.S.O.O.N,Wookie - High Grade - Wookie Remix

Aaron K. Gray,Cierra Hill,Mark Francis - Heaven - Mark Francis 201 Vocal Mix

Aaron K. Gray,DJ Gomi,DJ Spen,Charles Dockins - Celebrate Your Life - DJ Spen & Charles Dockins Remix

AbysSoul,Sio,Osunlade,David Harness - Words - David Harness Yoruba Soul Edit

Afro Warriors,Dorivaldo Mix,Miranda Nicole,David Morales - Don't Look Away - David Morales Mix

Akabu,Dave Lee,Jinadu - Highways - Dave Lee Medusa Mix

Alaia & Gallo,Kevin Haden,Claptone - Who Is He (feat. Kevin Haden) - Claptone Extended Remix

Alaia & Gallo,Kevin Haden - Who Is He? (feat. Kevin Haden) - Extended Mix

Alex Agore,Lowtone - What Did I Do - Lowtone Remix

Alex Finkin,Vanina Pietri - I'm Leaving

Alex Mills - Into The Blue

Alex Poet,Michelle Weeks,Richard Earnshaw - (Where Do I Begin?) Love Story - Richard Earnshaw Heart & Soul Mix

Aleysha Lei,The Journey Men - Roller Coaster - Radio Mix

Aline Rocha,Aria Lyric,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Preach - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Allovers,Eva Kade,Richard Earnshaw - Easy 2 Love - Richard Earnshaw Remix

AmFlow,Koffee - Raw Uncut - Mike Dunn No Bakin’ Soda Demo MixX

Anelisa Lamola,Revival,Greg Gould,Phebe Edwards,Kathy Brown,GeO Gospel Choir - Earth Song (What About Us) - Radio Edit

Ann Nesby,DJ Sidney Perry,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - Turn It Up - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix

Ann Nesby,DJ Sidney Perry,Fast Eddie,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - “Turn it Up” & “Let’s Go” - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Mash Up Vocal Mix

Ann Nesby,DJ Spen,David Morales - I Feel - David Morales Def Mix

Anthony K.,Stephanie Cooke - Change The World - Main Mix

Anthony K. - All I Missed

Antonello Ferrari,Aldo Bergamasco,Storm Marrero,Michele Chiavarini - You Got Me - Michele Chiavarini Deep Heat Rub

Antonello Ferrari,Aldo Bergamasco,Tommie Cotton,Grant Nelson - Something About Your Love - Grant Nelson Remix

Antonio Ocasio,Earl Green - Love Child

Archie Versace,Supermini,Full Intention - Fired Up (Full Intention Remix Edit)

Arduini & Pagany,Chanelle,Eric Kupper - Caught In The Middle (feat. Chanelle) - Eric Kupper Remix

Arnaud D,MissFly,Bang The Drum - Honey Love - Bang the Drum Remix

Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out - Ilija Rudman Reconstruction Mix

Artful,Ridney,Terri Walker,Opolopo - Missing You - Opolopo Remix

Artwork Sounds,V.Underground,NutownSoul - Time Is Now

Artwork,Unqle Chriz - You Give Me Love

Avant,Terry Hunter - Can We Fall In Love - Disco Club Mix

Avant,Terry Hunter - Nothing Without You - Terry Hunter Radio Remix

BAM,Le'Andria Johnson,David Harness - Hold On - David Harness Remix

Babs Presents - Jazz Nights In E15

Bah Samba,Seamus Haji - Portuguese Love - Seamus Haji Re-Work

Barbara Tucker,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - Think (About It) - Spen & Thommy's Decadence Remix

Barbara Tucker,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - Think (About It) - Spen & Thommy’s House Party Mix

Barbara Tucker,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - Think (About It) - Spen & Thommy’s House Party Mix

Barbara Tucker,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - Think (About It) - Spen & Thommy’s Summer Of Dub Mix

Beat Rivals,Tasha LaRae - Better With You - Radio Edit

Bebe Winans,Kiandra Richardson,Tobbi,Tommi,Louie Vega - He Promised Me (feat. Tobbi, Tommi & Kiandra Richardson) - Louie & Josh Organ Solo Adlib Version

Beloved,Mcleod,DJ Beloved - What You Won't Do For Love - Original Mix

Ben Hauke,Nathan Adams - Oh My God (That Feeling) [feat. Nathan Adams]

Benji Candelario,Lisa Shaw - You Got Me (feat. Lisa Shaw) - Benji Candelario Groove Rendition

Big Moses,Kenny Bobien,Jerome Sydenham - Brighter Days - Jerome Sydenham Radio Edit

Black Legend,Phylea Carley - Mr DJ (Something I Can Dance To) [feat. Phylea Carley]

Black Motion,Xolim - Rainbow (feat. Xoli M) - DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix

Blacktwins,Barbara Tucker - If I Ruled the World

Blaze,Alexander Hope,Jimpster - Wonderland (feat. Alexander Hope) - Jimpster Remix

Blaze,UDAUFL,Barbara Tucker,Michael Gray - Most Precious Love - Michael Gray Remix

Blaze,UDAUFL,Ultra Naté,Doug Gomez - A Wonderful Place - Doug Gomez Main Mix

Bobby D'Ambrosio,Michelle Weeks,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - The Day - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Bollo,Jocelyn Brown,Brian Power - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys - Brian Power Remix

Booker T.,Earl W. Green - When The Love Is Over - Booker T Main Mix

Booker T,Kathy Brown - Boogie Oogie Oogie - Booker T Radio Mix

Booker T,Kathy Brown - Boogie Oogie Oogie - Booker T Vocal Mix

Booker T,Kings Of Soul,Michael Gray - If You Take My Love - Michael Gray Vocal Remix

Booker T,Wheeler del Torro,Kenny Bobien - Keep It Coming - Radio Edit

Brian Power,Hil St. Soul,Richard Burton,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Just Us - The DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Brian Power,Lifford - Time After Time

Brian Power,Lucita Jules,Michael Gray - Optimistic (feat. Lucita Jules) - [Michael Gray Remix]

Brian Power,Rebecca Scales,Eric Kupper - So Long Gone - Eric Kupper Mix

Brian Power,Roachford - Got Sweet Loving

Brutha Basil,Mark Francis,DJ Spen - City Streets 25 - DJ Spen’s Impressions In Asphalt Mix

Brutha Louie,Brutha Basil,Louie Vega - Freedom of Dance (It's the Beat) - Louie Vega's Ritual Mix

Byron Stingily - Get Up (Everybody) - [Parade Mix] [Harry Romero Edit]

CPEN,Bluey Robinson,Kerri Chandler - I'm Searching - Kerri's Feel Vocal

CPEN,Bluey Robinson - I'm Searching - Club Mix

Cafe 432,Hannah Khemoh - Buttercup - Dibby Vocal Radio Edit

Cafe 432,Joy Malcolm - WHY? - Radio Mix

Cafe 432,Lifford - Meant To Be - Club Mix

Cafe 432,Lonyo - What's Up - Club Mix

Cafe 432,Miss Swaby - Spirit Free

Cafe 432,Sheree Hicks - Searching - Club Mix

Callyy,Ant Schillaci,Michelle Weeks - Keep Fighting

Candi Staton,Dr Packer - Hallelujah Anyway - Dr Packer Extended Remix

Candice Hoyes,Natasha Diggs - Zora's Moon - Natasha Diggs Remix Radio Edit

Cassara,Karmina Dai - Working It Out

CeCe Peniston,T.Markakis - I'm Feelin' U - T.Markakis Class 'N' Groove Mix

Chaka Khan,Terry Hunter - Woman Like Me - Terry Hunter Remix

Chanelle,Eric Kupper,Michael Gray - One Man - Michael Gray Remix

Charles Jenkins,Terry Hunter - Reach For The Sky - Terry Hunter Main Mix

Charly Angelz,Maiya Sykes - S.W.E.A.T. (feat. Maiya Sykes)

China Charmeleon,Rona Ray - Invisible (feat. Rona Ray)

Chuck Roberts,Monique Bingham - In The Beginning (There Was Jack) [feat. Monique Bingham] (feat. Monique Bingham)

Chymamusique,Brian Temba,Da Vynalist - Praise Him - Retro Tech

Circle of Funk,Taliwa - What Ya Gonna Do - Original Mix

Codemaster,Xantoné Blacq,Todd Terry - Joyous - Todd Terry Remix

Coflo,Steve Howerton,Niya Wells - Shake Me - Original Mix

Colour Castle - Joy

Cornell C.C. Carter,Frankie Feliciano - That Feelin' - Frankie Feliciano RBLSND Remix

Crackazat - Called My Name

Crackazat - Never Ending Love

Crackazat - Sundial

Craig C,Kim Dawson,David Harness,Reelsoul - Serious - David Harness & Reelsoul Vocal Mix

Crookers,Baxter,Kai Alcé - Innocent (feat. Baxter) - Kai Alcé DISTINCTIVE Groove Dub

Crystal Waters,DJ Spen,Mike Dunn - Party People - Mike Dunn BlackBall Radio Edit

Da Lata,Phil Asher - Asking Eyes - Phil Asher's West Ten Mix

Dames Brown,Amp Fiddler,Andrés,Josh Milan,Louie Vega - What Would You Do? (feat. Andrés & Amp Fiddler) - Expansions NYC Extended Dub Vocal

Damon Reel,Reelsoul - Someone To Love Me - Reelsoul Extended Vocal Remix

Danism,Heidi Vogel,Tedd Patterson - Hypnotise - Tedd Patterson Remix

Danism,Train (UK),DJ Rae - No Limits - Vocal Mix

Dave Anthony,Beverlei Brown,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - Your Way - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix

Dave Anthony,Lisa Millett,Richard Earnshaw - This Time Baby - Richard Earnshaw Remix

Dave Anthony,Lisa Millett - This Time Baby - Classic Disco Mix

Dave Anthony,Richard Anthony Davis,Manoo - She Don't Know - Manoo Remix

Dave Anthony,Tasha LaRae,Quentin Harris - Live To Love - Quentin Harris Re Production

Dave Lee,Billy Valentine - Power of the Mind - JN Redemption Mix

Dave Lee,Maurissa Rose - Look At The Stars - Dave’s Starshine Club Mix

Dave Lee,Omar,Grant Nelson - Starlight - Grant Nelson Mix

David Anthony,T Colon,Rachel Guest - Spell On You - Radio Mix

David Bailey,MissFly - You Don't Know - Underground Project Mix Edit

David Bailey,ShezAr,Jaybay,Crackazat - Get Your Body Down to the Floor - Crackazat Remix

David Harness - Al Greenz (Dance)

David Harness - We Got It

David Morales,DJ Gomi,Aaron K. Gray - God Made Me Funky - David Morales Kings of House NYC Mix

David Morales,DJ Spen,Carla Prather - I Got The Love - David Morales NYC Mix

David Morales,DJ Spen,Carla Prather - I Got The Love - Original Mix

David Morales,DJ Spen,Michele Chiavarini - Believe - DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Harmonica Dub

David Morales,Elle Cato - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Radio Edit

David Morales,Lea-Lorien,Angelica de No,Scott Paynter,Georgia Cee - I'M STAYIN'

David Morales,Lea-Lorien,Sandy K.O.T. Rivera - Never Looking Back - Sandy K.O.T. Rivera Remix Edit

David Morales - Hideaway - Classic Mix

DJ Beloved - All We Do - Biz Groove Mix

DJ Cameo,Junction 13,MANNY - Morning Rain (feat. Manny)

DJ Disciple,Dawn Tallman,Demarkus Lewis - Whole World Party - Deez Raw Life Remix

DJ Fudge,Chinua Hawk - Tell Me This Is Love - Vocal Mix

DJ Fudge,Chinua Hawk - Who’s Gonna Save The World - Vocal Mix Edit

DJ G,Pullman Porters - You Make Me Better - Original Mix

DJ Gomi,Aaron K Gray,Ian Friday - All I Need (feat. Aaron K Gray) - Ian Friday Libation Vox

DJ Jazzy Jeff,V,Masters At Work - In Time - Maw Mix (Album Edit)

DJ Jazzy Jeff - Evil - Main Mix

DJ Ody Roc,Ian Starr - Universal Love - Extended Mix

DJ Pope,Adrian Blu,Una - Walk In My Healing - Original Vocal

DJ Pope,Unqle Chriz - Loving You (feat. Unqle Chriz) - DJ Pope Sound Of Baltimore Extended Vocal

DJ Rae,David Morales - Something I'm Going Through

DJ Rae,Martin Badder,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Change - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

DJ Rae,Neil Pierce,Jihad Muhammad - Paradise - Jihad Muhammad's Bang The Drum Vocal Remix

DJ Rae,Richard Earnshaw - The Journey - Richard Earnshaw Radio Edit

DJ Rae,Sandy Rivera - Reach - Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix

DJ Romain,Emory,DJ Spen,Sean McCabe - This Hot - DJ Spen & Sean McCabe Hotter Than July Mix

DJ Spen,Cornell C.C. Carter - Keep Your Head To The Sky - Radio Edit

DJ Spen,Crystal Waters,Robin S,Soul Central,Crackazat - Love One Another - Crackazat Radio Edit

DJ Spen,Earl Tutu,John Khan,Asia Yarwood,Reelsoul - Lies - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins,Brandon Yancey - Sumthin' Sumthin - LP Mix

DJ Spen,Jovonn,Tasha LaRae - Soulful Storm

DJ Spen,Soulfuledge,Kerri Chandler - Goin' Home (To See My Savior) - Kerri Chandler Vocal Mix

DJ Umbi,Shaunte' Daurice,Soulbridge - Wanna Dance - Soulbridge Classic Mix

D'Moov,Nicole Henry,Shannon Chambers - For The Love Of You - Shannon Chambers Remix Edit

DTR Project,Danny Krivit - No Limits - Danny Krivit Edit

David Penn,Lisa Millett,Full Intention - JoIn Us - Full Intention Remix

Dawn Tallman,Eric Kupper - Teardrops - Eric Kupper Extended Mix

Deep Roger,DJ Spen,Inaya Day,Gary Hudgins - Best Man - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Direct Drive Remix

Deep Zone,Ceybil Jefferies,DJ Spen - Praise Him (Lift Your Hands Up) [feat. Ceybil Jefferies] - DJ Spen Retroactive Remix

Deeplomatik,Jay Sebag - Just Stop

Demuir,Bluey Robinson - Lusting U

Demuir,Cynthia Amoah - Discover (feat. Cynthia Amoah)

Demuir,Cynthia Amoah - Here's to Friday (feat. Cynthia Amoah)

Dennis Ferrer,DJ Spen - Reach 4 Freedom - DJ Spen Re-Edit

Dennis Ferrer,Dawn Tallman - Sunny Days (with Dawn Tallman)

Dennis Ferrer,K.T. Brooks,Doug Gomez - How Do I Let Go - Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix

Dennis Quin,Kerri Chandler,Troy Denari - Be Strong - Vocal Edit

Diephuis,Eastar,Jocelyn Brown,Reelsoul - Don't Quit (Be A Believer) - Reelsoul Remix

Diephuis,Hil St. Soul - Hold On Me - Original Edit

Diva Avari,French House Mafia,Jamie Lewis - Eye of the Tiger - Jamie Lewis Sex on the Beach Mix

Divas Of Color,Evelyn "Champagne" King,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - One More Time - Dj Spen & Reelsoul Deep In Love Dub

Dj Able,Mike City - Take for Granted

Dj Booman,DJ Spen,Troy Morton - God's Got It - DJ Spen and Troy Morton Rework Edit

Dj Funky T,Mpho Masilo,DJ Beloved - Closer - DJ Beloved BPM Vocal Mix

Dj Spinna,Phonte,Louie Vega - Tonight We Ride - Louie Vega Remix

Dj Spinna,Phonte - Tonight We Ride - Vocal Mix

Djazz Set,Luyo - Take Five - Luyo 'roald & Umberto' Remix

Donna Allen,Sophie Lloyd - He Is The Joy - Sophie Lloyd Remix

Doug Gomez,Earl W. Green,Jihad Muhammad - Can't Be With You - Jihad Muhammad Remix

E.O.L. Soulfrito,Louie Vega - Upright Love - Louie Vega Kat Mix

Earl Tutu,John Khan,Booker T,Mike City - Everybody Needs Somebody - Original Mix

Earl Tutu,John Khan,Kings Of Soul,Booker T - What A Difference - Booker T Kings Of Soul Vocal Mix

Earth n Days - Soulshakin' - Radio Edit

Edsoul,Ntokozo Mbhele - The One

Elements Of Life,Jasper Street Company,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - Stand On The Word - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix

Emeli Sandé,Booker T - More of You - Booker T Emeli Soulful House Vocal Mix

Emmaculate,Carla Prather - Never Fall In Love With A DJ (feat. Carla Prather) - [DJ Spen & Reelsoul Disconovo Full Vocal Mix]

Emmaculate,Kaye Fox,Kenny Dope - Do It - Kenny Dope Remix

Emmaculate - Isis - Yoruba Soul Mix

Enlery,Mediman - Be Ready

Eric Kupper,Joseph Capriati,Byron Stingily - Love Changed Me (Original Mix)

Exte C - Boogie With Ex

Ezel,Earl W. Green - Beautiful

Ezel,Earl W. Green - Hold You Down

Ezel,Mike City - Already Knew

Ezel,Rona Ray - Don't Know Yet

Ezel,Rona Ray - History Repeating

Ezel,Tumelo - Get Down - Original Mix

FCL - The House Music Track - Original Mix

Ferry Ultra,Roy Ayers,Emmaculate - Dangerous Vibes - Emmaculate Remix Edit

Fiorious,Roger Sanchez - Follow Me - Roger Sanchez Remix

Flamingo Pier,Nathan Haines,KÉDU,Sean McCabe - Last Call - Sean McCabe Remix

Flaviano Lanzi,Ania Garvey - He Asked Me

Fleur De Mur,Micky More & Andy Tee - Ease My Mind - Micky More & Andy Tee Edit

Floorplan - Tell You No Lie

Flowersons,DJ Spen - In My Soul - DJ Spen Remix

Four80East,CeCe Peniston,Dave Lee - Are You Ready? - Joey Negro Redemption Edit

Franck Roger,DJ Christos,Brian Temba - Heaven Sent - Radio Edit

Frank Mccomb,Laroye - Listen to Your Heart - Laroye Remix

Frankie Feliciano X Terry Dexter - No Maybe - Wez Whynt Vocal Remix

Frankie Feliciano,Kenny Bobien - Miracles - Bang The Drum Vocal Mix

Frankie Feliciano,Kenny Bobien - My Joy - DJ Beloved & Reggie Steele Remix Vocal

Frankie Feliciano,Terry Dexter,Timmy Regisford - No Maybe - (Feliciano Classic Vocal) [Timmy Regisford Edit]

Frankie Feliciano,Terry Dexter - No Maybe - Ricanstruction Radio Mix

Frankie Knuckles,Director's Cut,Eric Kupper,B.Slade,Tedd Patterson - Get over U - Tedd Patterson Remix

Freeez,Dr Packer - Southern Freeez - Dr Packer Radio Edit

Full Flava,CeCe Peniston,Michele Chiavarini - You Are The Universe - Michele Chiavarini Edit Version

Full Flava,Chantay Savage,Terry Hunter - Get Down Saturday Night - Terry Hunter Radio Edit

Fuminori Kagajo,Tracy Hamlin,Earl Tutu,John Khan - Can't Stop This Feeling - Earl TuTu & John Khan Remix

Gavin Holligan,Richard Earnshaw - When Boys Become Men (Classic Vocal Mix) - Richard Earnshaw Remix

Gershon Jackson,Rona Ray - Is it Really Love (feat. Rona Ray) - House of Omni Original Mix

Gershon Jackson,Rona Ray - RAINDANCE (feat. Rona Ray) - Shon Jackson's House of Omni Mixx

Gershon Jackson,Wipe The Needle,Rona Ray - Raindance (feat. Rona Ray) - Wipe The Needle Remix

Gershon Jackson - Love Desire - Mike Dunn's Blackball Love Mixx

Girls of the Internet,Anelisa Lamola - Affirmations (feat. Anelisa Lamola)

Greg Gould,Inaya Day,Milk & Sugar - Love Like This

Greg Winfield,Kadesh,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - I Found Love - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix

Greg Winfield,Kadesh,Gary Hudgins,DJ Spen - I Found Love - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Funky Store Frontstrumental

Greg Winfield,Kadesh,Terry Hunter - I Found Love - Terry Hunter & Greg Winfield Main

Gretchen Gale,Mark Francis - The Soul Of A Woman - Mark Francis Remix

Groove Assassin,DJ Christian B - Till You Come Back - Radio Edit

Groove Assassin,Sol Brown,Selina Campbell - Fireflyin' - Original Mix

Groove Junkies,Reelsoul,Nichelle Monroe - Harvest for the World - Groove n' Soul Classic Vox

Groove Junkies,Reelsoul,Tertulien Thomas - You Can't Hide - Groove n' Soul vs DJ Spen Retro Vox

Groove Junkies,Solara,Richard Earnshaw - Perception - Earnshaw's Hypnotronic Main Mix

Groove Junkies,Solara - Shine - GJs Awakenings Radio Mix

HRNS,David Harness,Tedd Patterson - Teena's Cry - David Harness and Tedd Patterson Remix

Haji & Emanuel,ATFC - The Pressure - ATFC Radio Mix

Hallex M,Darien Dean,DJ Spinna - Feeling - DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix

Hannah Khemoh,The Journey Men - Lovin' You - Radio Edit

Hardsoul,Ron Carroll,Dr Packer - Back Together (feat. Ron Carroll) - Dr Packer Remix

Harlem Hustlers,Orlando Johnson - You Can Do It - Hh 2023 Rework Edit

Harold Matthews Jr,Sean McCabe - This Place - Original Mix

Hatiras,Lee Wilson - I Just Can't - Original Vocal Mix

Hideo Kobayashi,Rasmus Faber,Christa,Eric Kupper - Requiem - Eric Kupper Remix

Hifi Sean,Crystal Waters,Alex Virgo - Heavy - Alex Virgo Remix Edit

Hifi Sean,Crystal Waters,Jamie 3:26,Danou P - Heavy (Edit) - Jamie 326 & Danou P Remix

Hifi Sean,Crystal Waters,Opolopo - Testify (feat. Crystal Waters) - OPOLOPO Remix

Hifi Sean,paris grey - Lost without U (feat. Paris Grey) - Extended

Homero Espinosa,Mark Farina,Ori Kawa - It's All Right (feat. Ori Kawa)

Honey Dijon,Annette Bowen,Nikki-O,Louie Vega - Downtown (feat. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O) - Louie Vega Extended Raw Dub Mix

Honey Dijon,Cor.Ece - Stand (feat. Cor.Ece) - Edit

Honey Dijon,Cor.Ece - Stand (feat. Cor.Ece)

Honey Dijon,Joi Cardwell - State of Confusion (feat. Joi Cardwell)

Honey Dijon,Tim K,Sam Sparro - Look Ahead (feat. Sam Sparro) - Extended Mix

Hotevilla,Javonntte - If I Told You

Human Movement,Eliot Porter - Run It By Me (feat. Eliot Porter) - Extended Version

Imaani,Atjazz - Found My Light - Atjazz Remix Edit

Inaya Day,Master Fale,David Harness - Joyful Life (David Harness Remix)

Inaya Day,Ultra Naté,Frankie Knuckles,Eric Kupper - Over Me - Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director's Cut Mix

Incognito,Emmaculate - Freedom To Love - Emmaculate Remix Edit

Incognito,Louie Vega,Joaquin "Joe" Claussell - Wake Me - Louie Vega & Joe Claussell Remix

guri guri boys,Carolyn Harding,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - Unity - Dj Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix

guri guri boys,Josh Milan,Kelvin Sylvester - Be Yourself - Kelvin Sylvester Extended Vocal Remix

Infinity Ink,Yasmin,Kai Alcé - How Do I Love You - Kai Alce Main Mix

Inner City,Kevin Saunderson - Pennies From Heaven (Remastered)

J Paul Getto,Lee Wilson - I'm Going Out

JEROME DROUOT,Lita,Eric Kupper - I'm Not In Love - Eric Kupper Radio Edit

JT Donaldson,Liv.e,Sandy Rivera - Stay Inside (feat. Liv.e) - Sandy Rivera Remix

Jakatta,Joey Negro,Dave Lee,Seal,The Vision - My Vision - The Vision Remix Edit

James Curd,Osunlade - High Tower - Yoruba Soul Mix

Jamie Lewis,Marc Evans - You Change My World - Jamie Lewis Classic Vocal Mix

Jamie Lewis,Michael Watford - Dance with Us - Jamie Lewis House Party Mix

Ja'shay,Dave Lee - "Shout Hallelujah" - Dave Lee Redemption Mix

Jason Herd,Barbara Tucker - Head up High - Radio Edit

Jasper Street Co.,Byron Stingily,Norma Jean - Paradise (feat. Byron Stingily & Norma Jean)

Jasper Street Co.,DJ Spen,Teddy Douglas - My Soul Is A Witness - Teddy Douglas & DJ Spen Vocal Mix

Jasper Street Co. - Anything

Jasper Street Co. - Praying For You - Louie Vega Main Remix

Jasper Street Co. - Praying For You

Jay Vegas - Come Soon

Jerome Hicks - Love To The World - Jerome's Love & Understanding Remix

Jersey Maestros,Jonathan Holman,Earl Tutu,John Khan - Your Day Is Coming - Earl TuTu & John Khan Remix

Jesse Saunders,Tasha LaRae,Carla Prather,Kathy Brown,Cassandra Lucas,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - We Are Family - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Jestofunk,Jocelyn Brown,Micky More & Andy Tee - Special Love - Micky More & Andy Tee Club Mix

Jestofunk,Jocelyn Brown,Micky More & Andy Tee - Special Love - Micky More & Andy Tee Jazzy Vocal

Jocelyn Brown,Inaya Day,Terry Hunter - Move Of The Spirit - Terry Hunter Spirit House Mix

Joe T Vannelli,Full Intention - Sweetest Day of May - Full Intention Remix Edit

Joe T Vannelli,Harambee - Sweetest Day Of May - Knee Deep's Vocal Hymn Mix Remastered 2k18

Joey Negro,Dave Lee - Must Be The Music - The Original Disco Edit

Joey Youngman,Bobby D’Ambrosio - So Thankful - Joey Youngman Radio Mix

Johan S - Who's Using Who?

John Morales,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis,Richard Burton - Was That All It Was - DJ Spen Spotify Radio Edit

John Morales,Thommy Davis,Carmen Brown,Teddy Douglas - Was That All It Was - Teddy Douglas Reproduction

Jose Nunez,Past Deep,Pellygrossa - Facedown

Josh Butler,Kerrie-Anne - On The Edge (feat. Kerrie-Anne)

Josh Milan,Frankie Feliciano - It's Love - Ricanstruction Vocal Mix

Jovonn,Casio Ware,Louie Vega - Turnin Me Out - Louie Vega Expansion NYC Mix

Jovonn,Mike Huckaby - First Night To Love - Mike Huckaby Edit

Jovonn,Sean McCabe - Hesperia Soul - Sean McCabe Remix

Juan Chousa,Laura Jackson - Suddenly

Julius Jordan,TREE,Terry Hunter,James Poyser - Higher - Terry Hunter, James Poyser Main

Jullian Gomes,Ziyon - Nothing Can Break Us

July,Booker-T - Mood - Booker T Soulful Mix

KAIPPA,Kathy Brown,Cafe 432 - I Can't Explain - Cafe 432 Remix

Kai & Kyle,Selan,Louie Vega - The Way It Is - Louie Vega Remix Main

Kanomarli,Richard Rogers,Georgie Porgie - Thinking About Your Love - Soulful House

Karizma,Nicholas Ryan Gant,Coflo - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) - Coflo Soulful Mix

Karl8,Andrea Monta,Lisa Millett - Free (feat. Lisa Millett) - Edit

Kathy Brown,Booker T - Your Touch - Booker T Vocal Mix

Kathy Brown,DnA Studios - You Give Good Love (DnA Funky Bass Mix)

Kathy Brown,Soulbridge - Last Time - Soulbridge 90's Mix

Keith Sibley,Johan S - Stand By Me - Johan S Remix

Kelly G - Feels Good (Yeah!) - Kelly G. Little Louie Party Mix

Kelly G - Keep Wondering! - Kelly G. Shelter Mix

Kelly G - Keep Wondering! - Kelly G.'s Lake Shore Drive Groove

Kengo,Kenny Bobien,Bang The Drum - More Than You'll Ever Know - Bang the Drum Edit

Kenny Bobien,Louie Vega - Why We Sing - Louie Vega Expansions NYC Version 21 Years Later

Kenny Bobien,Wheeler del Torro,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - The Happiest Time Of The Year - Radio Edit

Kenny Bobien,Wheeler del Torro,Kenny Dope - The Sun Will Shine Again - Kenny Dope Remix

Kenny Carpenter,Stephanie Cooke - Bad All By Myself - Radio Edit

Kenny Dope,ANT LaROCK,Agency - Sanctuary - Kenny Dope O'gutta Remix

Kenny Dope,DJ Gomi,Antonio Hart - Piano Groove - Main Mix

Kenny Hamber,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Stand By Me - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Kenny Hamber,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Stand By Me - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Kenya - Let Me - Sean Mccabe Classic Soul Remix

Kerri Chandler,Bluey Robinson - Tenacity - Main Vocal Edit

Kholi,Zepherin Saint - Inner Freak - Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal Mix

Kiko Navarro,Hanlei,Dario D'Attis - Right On - Dario D'attis Remix

Kim English,David Morales - Treat Me Right - David Morales Club Mix

Kings Of House NYC,Julie McKnight - Still Here - Kings Of House NYC Vocal Mix

Kings Of House NYC - Still Here - Red Zone Mix

Kings Of Tomorrow,Alex Mills,Sandy Rivera - WHITE FLAG (feat. Alex Mills) - Sandy Rivera's Extended Mix

Kings Of Tomorrow,Alex Mills - Closer (feat. Alex Mills) - Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix

Kings Of Tomorrow,April Morgan,Sandy Rivera - Never Knew - Sandy Rivera's Classic Mix

Kings Of Tomorrow,Kandace Springs - Faded (feat. Kandace Springs) [Sandy Rivera Classic Mix]

Kings Of Tomorrow,Penelope Calloway - Strong Enough (feat. Penelope Calloway) - Kings Of Tomorrow Deluxe Mix

Kings Of Tomorrow,Random Soul - Please - Sandy Rivera & Random Soul's Classic Mix

Koffee Paige,Jovonn - We Can’t Take No More (Enuff, Enuff, Enuff) - Radio Edit

Kraak & Smaak,Eric Biddines,thatmanmonkz - Smile - thatmanmonkz Remix

Krewcial - Joy

Lady Alma,Mark Francis - Make You Move - Mark Francis 201 Remix

Lady Alma,Terry Hunter - Make You Move - Terry Hunter Club Mix

Lady Alma - Peace You'll Find

Laroye,Humphrey,Frankie Feliciano - Precious Day - Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix Edit

Laroye,Lee Wilson - Beautiful - Extended Mix

Larry A,Jamie Aditya,Michele Chiavarini - Get Down With It - Michele Chiavarini Remix

Latest Craze,Joseph Chetty,Frankie Knuckles,Eric Kupper - I'm Loving Tonight - Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper's Director's Cut Classic Mix

LeMel Humes,Timmy Regisford - Ain't Nobody Like You - Timmy Regisford Remix

Lea,Muzikman Edition,Tweety,Atjazz - Songbird - Atjazz Love Soul Remix Radio Edit

Lee Wilson,El Funkador,Richard Earnshaw - Complicated (Richard Earnshaw Remixes) - Richard Earnshaw Revision

Lee Wilson,Reelsoul,Cleveland P. Jones - Hold On - Reelsoul Remix

Lenny Fontana Presents Black Sun,Lenny Fontana,True House Stories - Spread Love (Lenny Fontana & True House Stories Mix) (Radio Edit)

Leroy Burgess,Reelsoul - Voices - Reelsoul Vocal Remix

Lexa Hill - Da Hood

Lisa Millet,Fizzikx - Closer - Fizzikx Vocal Remix

Lisa Millett - It's Alright - Jamie Lewis Mofunk Mix

Livio Mode,Mike Belmondo,Paul Venice,Lee Wilson,FAM Disco & Jama - Do You Believe in Love - FAM Disco & Jama Remix

Loftsoul,Miruga,Aissata Kouyate,Mark Francis - Tanma - Mark Francis Shelter Mix

Loleatta Holloway,Louie Vega - Can't Let You Go - Louie Vega Roots Mix

Lomax (CH),Michael Procter,Booker T - I Got Love - Booker T Remix

Lonely C,Kendra Foster,Mike Dunn - Hold Up - Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal RemixX

Loni Clark - Rushing - (Mood II Swing Dub) [Harry Romero Edit]

Los Charly's Orchestra,Omar - It's So - Club Mix

Louie Vega,Adeva EP,Rhemi - In The Morning - Rhemi Remix

Louie Vega,Anane Vega,Josh Milan - Heaven Knows - Josh Milan Honeycomb Vocal Mix

Louie Vega,Anané Vega - Music & Life - The Anané Ritual Remix

Louie Vega,Barbara Tucker,Rochelle Fleming - Love Having You Around (feat. Rochelle Fleming & Barbara Tucker) - Louie Vega Main Mix

Louie Vega,Cassio Ware,Cynthia Tucker - Just The Way I Like It - Cassio Ware 2019 Version

Louie Vega,Elements Of Life,Josh Milan - Let Us Shine - Honeycomb Mix

Louie Vega,George Lamond - Woman - Louie Vega Main Mix Radio Edit

Louie Vega,Janine Sugah Lyrics Lyons - A Place Where We Can All Be Free (feat. Janine Sugah Lyrics Lyons) - [Edit]

Louie Vega,Josh Milan - The World Is a Family - AfroHouse Mix

Louie Vega,Karen Harding,Mike Dunn - Free To Love - Mike Dunn Black Love Mix

Louie Vega,Monique Bingham,Mike Dunn - Elevator (Going Up) - Mike Dunn New Mute Mix

Louie Vega,Moodymann - Seven Mile (feat. Moodymann)

Louie Vega,The Martinez Brothers,Marc E. Bassy - Let It Go (with Marc E. Bassy)

Louie Vega,The Martinez Brothers,Marc E. Bassy - Let It Go (with Marc E. Bassy)

Louie Vega,Vikter Duplaix,Sean McCabe - Gimme Some Love - Sean McCabe Remix with Piano

Luciano FM,Stradivarius,Mark Di Meo - Notorious - Mark Di Meo Dub Remix

Luciano Gioia,Earl W. Green - Fragile - Lovely Mix

Luke Solomon,Amy Douglas,Queen Rose,Louie Vega - Light You Up (feat. Queen Rose & Amy Douglas) - Louie Vega Roots Mix

Luther Vandross,Louie Vega - Get Myself Together - Louie Vega Remix

Lydia Harrell,Reel People - Heard It All Before - Reel People Vocal Mix

Lydia Harrell,Turbojazz,Sean McCabe - Heard It All Before - Turbojazz & Sean McCabe Remix Edit

Madji'k - Forceful Rhythm (Tchida)

Marc Cotterell,Anthony Levaltier - So In Love With You

Marc Cotterell,Dominic Balchin,Micky More & Andy Tee - The Trumpet Track - Micky More & Andy Tee Remix

Marc Cotterell,Dominic Balchin - The Trumpet Track

Marcel Vogel,Soul Clap - Moonchild - Soul Clap Remix

M.Caporale,Pietro Nicosia,Mark Di Meo - One of Us - Mark Di Meo Remix

MJ Cole,Alyss,Scott Diaz - Undo - Scott Diaz Remix

Marco Valery,Sharlene Hector,DJ Spen,Michele Chiavarini - Free Love - Michele Chiavarini & DJ Spen Extended Mix

Mario Bianco,Master Polo,The Blue Gospel Singers,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - Raise It Up - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix

Mark Di Meo,Laura Jackson - Hold On - Radio Edit

Mark Di Meo,Rona Ray - All About Love - Original Mix

Mark Francis,Aaron K. Gray - Resting Place - Mark Francis Spotify Radio Edit

Mark Knight,Alex Mills - It's A Wonder

Mary J. Blige,Kelly G - Good Morning Gorgeous (Kelly G Morning Pose Dub Remix)

Masaki Morii,Aaron K. Gray - Right Now

Masaki Morii,Aaron K. Gray - Sweetah

Masaki Morii,Aaron K. Gray - Working - Original Mix

Masaki Morii,Carla Prather - I Admit

Masters At Work - It's What We Live, It's What We Are - Made In Ibiza Studios Mix

Matt D,Claudio Deeper,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Show Me The Way - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Matt D,Claudio Deeper - Everyday - Original Mix

Matt Early,Lee Jeffries,Otis Corley,Grant Nelson - I Think I'm Falling in Love - Grant Nelson Remix

Matt Early,Ray Hurley,Abi Flynn,Mike Millrain - Get To Me Once Mike Millrain Dubs - Mike Millrain Remix

Matt Early,Ray Hurley,Abi Flynn - Get To Me Once - Radio Edit

Matthias Heilbronn,Monique Bingham,Mousse T. - Something - Mousse T's Funky Shizzle Mix

Maydie Myles,Neil Pierce - Keep On Luvin - Neil Pierce Extended Remix

Mdcl,Ovasoul7,Frankie Feliciano - Feels Like Home - Frankie Feliciano Ricanstruction Vocal Mix

Melba Moore,Terry Hunter - Just Doing Me - Terry Hunter Radio Mix

Melvo Baptiste,Jamie 3:26,Annette Bowen - Gonna Be Alright (feat. Jamie 3:26 & Annette Bowen)

Mi Casa,Nathan Adams,Zepherin Saint - Turn Up

Michael Gray,84Bit - Take Me Back - 84Bit Remix

Michael Gray,Kimberley Brown,Shirley Marie Graham - Keep Moving On - Michael Gray Glitterbox Mix

Michael Gray,Kimberly Brown,Booker T - Brother Brother - Booker T Vocal Remix

Michael Gray,Tatiana Owens - Invincible

Michal Martyniuk,Eric Kupper,YaniKa - New Things (Eric Kupper Remix)

Michele Chiavarini,Antonello Ferrari,Aldo Bergamasco,Cheryl Porter - I'm So Alive - Michele Chiavarini Remix

Michele Chiavarini,Carmichael Musiclover - Express Yourself - Radio Edit

Michele Chiavarini,Cinnamon Brown,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Doing Things My Way - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Micky More & Andy Tee,Angela Johnson - Can I (Show You Real Love) - Record Store Day 2020 Mix

Micky More & Andy Tee,Angela Johnson - Time - Radio Edit

Micky More & Andy Tee,Reverendos Of Soul,Anduze - Devoted - Radio Edit

Midnight Star,Jamie Lewis - Midas Touch - Jamie Lewis Touch the Stars Mix

Miguel Migs,Andy Allo,Sandy Rivera - Sensations (feat. Andy Allo) - Sandy Rivera's Classic Deluxe Mix

Miguel Migs,Aya,Micky More & Andy Tee - So Far - Micky More & Andy Tee Remix

Miguel Migs,Lisa Shaw,Micky More & Andy Tee - Lose Control - Micky More & Andy Tee Radio Edit

Mijangos,Luis Elorza - Into the Philly Sound

Mijangos,Pako Rubio,Melissa Munster - Lovely Day - Radio-Edit Mix

Mike City,Carl Thomas,Frankie Feliciano - 100 Miles - Frankie's Rbl Snd Vocal Mix

Mike City,Crystal Johnson - More of Me (feat. Crystal Johnson) - Cool Out Mix

Mike City,Dwele - I Rock wit U (feat. Dwele) - Beloved’s BPM Mix

Mike City,Faith Evans,Kenny Dope - When I Luv - Kenny Dope Remix

Mike Dunn,Gershon Jackson - Love Desire - Mike Dunn Blackball Love MixX

Mike Dunn,MD X-Spress - DJ Beat That Shhh (feat. MD X-Spress)

Mike Millrain - Autumn Leaves

Mike Steva,Motty,Siobhan - Weekend Love (feat. Motty & Siobhan) - Louie Vega Dance Ritual Dub

Mike Steva - Weekend Love - Louie Vega Roots NYC Main Mix

Mind State,Tess Leah,Ziggy Funk - For You - Ziggy Funk 'Dub Ride' Remix

Mind Street,Andrea Love,Richard Earnshaw - Celebrate - Richard Earnshaw Radio Revibe

Miranda Nicole,Ron Carroll - Love of My Life - RC Radio Edit

MissFly,Sean Ali - Everything I Got

Mistura,Angela Johnson,Dave Lee - Do You Love Me? - Dave Lee Disco Blend

Mistura,Bridgett Grace,Shur-I-Kan - Love to the Limit - Shur-i-kan Club Mix

Montefiori Cocktail,Micky More & Andy Tee - Gypsy Woman - Micky More & Andy Tee Remix

Moodssupply,Montéa - Forever

Moon Boots,Steven Klavier,Kenny Dope - Tied Up - Kenny Dope Remix

Moon Rocket,Shyam P - Complete Me

Mousse T.,Cleah,The Shapeshifters - Melodie - The Shapeshifters Remix

Mousse T.,Cleah - Melodie - Mousse T's Extended Disco Shizzle Remix

Mousse T.,Lovebirds - Closer to You

Mousse T.,Peven Everett,Glenn Underground - Pleasure - Glenn Underground's Get Down Mix

Mousse T.,Scott Diaz - Horny - Scott Diaz Gospel Excursion

Mr. Eclectic,MissFly,K.G Sunset - Stronger Together - K.G Sunset Remix

Mr. Eclectic,Sean Ali,MissFly,Mr. V - Wanna Love You - Mr. V Sole Channel Rework

Mr. Moon,Mey,Groove Junkies,Reelsoul - Let It Rain - Groove N'Soul Radio Edit

Mr. Moon,Mey,Groove Junkies,Reelsoul - Let It Rain - Groove N'Soul Vocal Mix

Musta,Lehlo Gonolo,Birdee - The Same - Birdee Remix

Mýa,Terry Hunter - Circle Of Life - Terry Hunter Circle Club Mix

N'Dinga Gaba,DJ Spen,Marc Evans - Until You

N.W.N. - Needin' Your Love - Vocal Mix

Namy,DJ Spen - Colors Of The Universe - DJ Spen Remix

Namy,Monday Michiru,Manoo - There She Stands - Manoo Club Remix

Nathan Adams,Sabrina Joy,Sean McCabe - Love Yourself - Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix

Nathan Haines,Verna Francis,Atjazz - Earth Is The Place - Atjazz Remix

Neapolitan Soul - Where Were You - Phunky Mix

Neil Pierce,Han Lei - Lessons Learned - Spotify Edit

Neil Pierce,Kadija Kamara - Give - Radio Edit

Newman (UK),Dave Anthony,Susu,Neil Pierce - Magnify - Neil Pierce Remix

Newman (UK),Melba Moore,Eric Kupper - Not Giving Up - Eric Kupper Tribute Mix

Nicholas Ryan Gant,Karizma,Kaytronik - Gypsy Woman - Kaytronik Remix

Nina Lares,Mark de Clive-Lowe - Uncover Me - Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix

Noelle,Larry Espinosa,Reelsoul - Everything - Larry Espinosa & Reelsoul Remix

Noelle,Tommy Regisford - Everything - Timmy Regisford’s Re-Touch

Noelle - Everything - Original Mix

Nova Fronteira,Scott Diaz - Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Scott Diaz Daybreak Mix

Nu Shooz - (Eric Kupper Remix)

Nzingha Ashford,Dj Sir Charles Dixon,Derrick Ricky Nelson,Todd Terry - Top of the Clouds - Todd Terry Mix

Oisima,Jimetta Rose,Osunlade - Blue Shade (feat. Jimetta Rose) - Yoruba Soul Mix

Oliver Gunning,Dharshana,Random Soul - The Reason - Random Soul Remix

Opolopo,Angela Johnson - Stay This Way - Radio Edit

Orienta-Rhythm,Dawn Tallman - Get Back To Love - Orienta-Rhythm Original Club Mix

Oscar P,n.W.n - All I Do is Think - N.W.n. Remix

Papa Soul,Soul Groove (UK) - Moody Type Love Pt. II - Soul Groove (UK) Radio Edit

Papik,Danny Losito,Jamie Lewis - Figli delle stelle - Jamie Lewis House Mix

Papik,The Soultrend Orchestra,Frankie Pearl - Shiver (feat. Frankie Pearl) - Mark Di Meo Remix

Paris Cesvette,Frank Mccomb,Frankie Feliciano - Frustration - Frankie Feliciano Original Remix

Pasha Snegir',Anna Rouban,Richard Earnshaw - G.U.S.U. - Richard Earnshaw Radio Mix

Pat Bedeau,George Sida - Beautiful Lady - Radio Edit

Pat Bedeau,Hannah Khemoh - Always - Radio Mix

Pat Bedeau,Hannah Khemoh - Got To Have Your Love - Radio Edit

Pat Bedeau,Hannah Khemoh - The One - Radio Edit

Pat Bedeau,Jodie Erica - Set Me Free - Main Mix

Paul Trouble Anderson,Booker T - TroubleNova

Pauline Henry,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Heaven - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Extended Remix

Peppe Citarella,Chynaah Doll,Paris Hairston - Free - Original Latin Soul Version

Peppe Citarella,Davide Fiorese - Organ Ride

Pete Heller's Big Love,Dr Packer - Big Love - Dr Packer Extended Remix

Peyton,Eric Kupper - Carry You - Eric Kupper Club Mix

Phil Loraine,James Hurr,Michael Gray,Sian-Lee - Bodyswerve (feat. Sian-Lee) [Michael Gray Remix]

Phil Weeks,Ladybird - Love Come Down - Main Mix

Pino D'Angiò,Francesco Cofano - Ma Quale Idea - Jamie Lewis Sex on the Beach Mix

Portia Monique,The Layabouts - Ecstasy - The Layabouts Vocal Mix

Prefix One,Hannah Khemoh - Deja Vu - Vocal Mix

Prefix One,Jaelee Small,Booker T - I Know You - Booker T Radio Mix

Prefix One,Jaelee Small - I Know You

Prefix One,Lifford - I Don't Really Care - Classic Killer Biscuit Mix

Pulse,Dj Spinna - I'll Be Alright - DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Mix

Purple Disco Machine,Boris Dlugosch,Karen Harding - Love for Days (feat. Karen Harding)

Queen B,Lee Wilson - Nobody Else

Quentin Harris,Jason Walker,David Morales - Stronger - David Morales Extended Muscle Mix

Rachel McFarlane,Nick Hussey - Let Nothing

Ralf Gum,Earl W. Green - Still I Rise - Ralf Gum Radio Edit

Ralf Gum,Joseph Junior,Ayanda Jiya - Back to Love - Ralf GUM Main Mix

Ralf Gum,Joseph Junior - The Calling - Ralf GUM Radio Edit

Ralf Gum,Simmy - How Deep Is Your Love - Main Mix

Ralf Gum,Sio - Un-Love You - Ralf Gum Radio Edit

Ralphi Rosario,Donna Blakely,Terry Hunter - Cold - Terry Hunter Club Remix

Random Soul,Roxy Lebrasse - Let the Music Take Control

Randy Peterson - Handle the Change - Club Mix

Randy Roberts,Richard Burton,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - Stairway To Heaven - DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Original Mix

Randy Roberts,Richard Burton,Ike Burnstein,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - I Miss You - Ike Burnstein, DJ Spen, & Thommy Davis Radio Edit

Rapson,Nathan Thomas,Opolopo - Heat (feat. Nathan Thomas) - OPOLOPO Extended Remix

Rapson,Nathan Thomas - Heat (feat. Nathan Thomas) - Extended Mix (Mixed)

Rapson,Nathan Thomas - Heat (feat. Nathan Thomas) - Extended Mix

Rapson,Nathan Thomas - Heat (feat. Nathan Thomas)

Reel People,LaSharVu,Mousse T. - I Need Your Lovin' - Mousse T. Rado Edit

Reel People,LaSharVu,Mousse T. - I Need Your Lovin' - Mousse T. Remix

Reel People,Vanessa Freeman,Emmaculate - Butterflies - Emmaculate Remix Edit

Reelsoul,DJ Spen - All That I Can Say (Lonnie's Groove) - Reelsoul & DJ Spen Original Mix

Reelsoul,Groove Junkes - It Seems To Hang On - Groove N' Soul Classic Vox

Reelsoul,Mr. V - Get Myself Together - Mr. V Remix

Reelsoul,Sheila Ford - Found A Way

Reelsoul - 2morrow - Original Mix

Reelsoul - I Can't Go For That - Original Mix

Reelsoul - Just Passing By - Original Mix

Reelsoul - Musik 2018 - Original Mix

Reggie Steele - Surrender - Original Mix

Reverendos Of Soul,Karmina Dai,Micky More & Andy Tee - Gotta Feeling - Micky More & Andy Tee Club Mix

Reverendos Of Soul,Micky More & Andy Tee - Glory - Micky More & Andy Tee Mix

Revival,Emeli Sandé,Jools Holland,GeO Gospel Choir - Brighter Days

Revival,Phebe Edwards,GeO Gospel Choir - Think

Rhemi,Alex Mills - Back To The One - Original Mix

Rhemi,Alex Mills - Back To The One

Rhemi,Anna-Marie Johnson - Live Life Free

Rhemi,Han Lei,DJ Spen,Michele Chiavarini - Diamond - DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix

Rhemi,Han Lei - The Real Thing (Our Shit!) - Club Mix

Rhemi,Louise Golbey - No Good For Me

Rhemi - Shake Your Body Down - Original Mix

Richard Burton,DJ Spen - Bad Luck - DJ Spen Bootleg Mix

Richard Earnshaw,Mike City - Still Possible - Radio Bounce

Richard Payton - You Know I Know - Original Mix

Ricky Morrison,Brian Lucas - Uplifted - Sure Shot Club Vocal Mix

Ricky Pellegrino,Booker T. Jones - Smiling Soul - Booker T Uk Steppa Vox

Right To Life,Micky More & Andy Tee - Strong Enough - Micky More & Andy Tee Mix

Right To Life,Micky More & Andy Tee - Sweet Delight - Micky More & Andy Tee Radio Edit

Rightside,Maria Marcial,Shane D - TKL (This Kind of Love) - Shane D Remix

Risk Assessment,Monica Blaire,Grant Nelson - It’s Not Right But It’s Okay - Grant Nelson Remix Edit

Ritmo Du Vela,Serge Gee - It's Good

Rob Hayes,Geoff Butterworth,Reelsoul - To Be With You - Reelsoul Remix

Rob Hayes,Richard Earnshaw - It Is What It Is - Richard Earnshaw Remix

Rob Milton,Smith,Richard Earnshaw - Sunday Morning - Richard Earnshaw Remix Edit

Robert Cliviles,Kimberly Davis,David Morales - Set Me Free (feat. Kimberly Davis) - David Morales Remix

Rocco Rodamaal,Monique Bingham - Post Truth Youth

Rocco Rodamaal - Treat Her Like a Lady

Rochelle Fleming,Teddy Douglas - Nobody's Fool (Monday Night Studio Sessions Main Mix)

Rogerio Lopez,Tim Porta,Julie McKnight,Sebb Junior - Home - Sebb Junior Remix

Ronnie Herel,Brian Power,Ali Tennant,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - I Wanted Your Love - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix

Ronnie Herel,Gary Poole,Tasha LaRae,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - Thinking About Your Love - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Roy Davis Jr.,Terry Dexter - Just A Little Bit of Love - Original Mix

Russoul,Ari Lourdes - Beautiful Woman - Original Mix

S.A.M.,Sarah Ikumu - Spotlight (feat. Sarah Ikumu)

S.E.L,Bryan Chambers,Booker T. Jones - Falling - Booker T Vocal Mix

S.E.L,DJ Spen,Michele Chiavarini - Elevation - DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Long Version Vocal Mix

S.E.L,DJ Spen,Michele Chiavarini - Melodic Harmony - DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Vocal Remix

S.E.L,Michele Chiavarini,DJ Spen - Flowered Tears - Michele Chiavarini & DJ Spen Remix

Saision,CPEN - Breath Deep - CPEN Remix

Sam Karlson,Luke Delite,Michelle Weeks,Art of Tones - Because Of You - Art Of Tones Remix

SanXero,Katarina G - Walk By Me

Sandy Rivera,Juay Kennedy,Heleina Zara - Hypnotized (feat. Heleina Zara)

Sandy Rivera - Try A Little Tenderness

Seamus Haji,Mekkah,Richard Earnshaw - Dimensions (I'm Happy) - Richard Earnshaw Revibe

Seamus Haji,Mekkah,Richard Earnshaw - Race Of Survival - Richard Earnshaw Extended ReVibe

Seamus Haji,Michael Gray,Phebe Edwards,Groove Assassin - You Bring The Sun - Groove Assassin Classic Radio Edit

Sean McCabe,Mike City,Frankie Feliciano - I Know Someone - Feliciano Ricanstruction Radio Edit

Sean McCabe,Nathan Adams,Louie Vega - I Wonder - Louie Vega Roots Radio Edit

Sean Smith,Carla Prather - So Gone - Sweet Tears Main Mix

Sebas Ramis,Sabrina Chyld,Richard Earnshaw - Fallen - Richard Earnshaw Remix

Sebb Junior,IDA fLO,Richard Earnshaw - Gimme Love - Richard Earnshaw Revision

Sebb Junior,Karmina Dai,Mr. V - The Menu - Club Mix

Sebb Junior,Tasha LaRae,Seb Skalski - Never Be Alone - Seb Skalski Remix

Sense of Sound Singers,Opolopo - Follow Me - Opolopo Remix

Sergio D'Angelo,Aldo Bergamasco,Polina Griffith,Booker-T - Body - Booker T Remix

Sharon Brown Adams,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - We Got The Funk - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Radio Edit

Shaun Escoffery,Micky More & Andy Tee - Nature's Call - Micky More & Andy Tee Special Club Mix

Sheila Ford,Reelsoul,DJ Spen,Gary Hudgins - La Costa - Reelsoul, DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Original Mix

Shirley Jones,Booker T - Nights Over Egypt - Booker T Main Mix

Shuya Okino,Navasha Daya,Alaia & Gallo - Still In Love (feat. Navasha Daya) - Alaia & Gallo Remix

Shuya Okino - Still In Love - feat. Navasha Daya

Simon Kennedy - Looking Up To You

Sir LSG,Ayanda Jiya,Honeycomb - Sandcastle - Honeycomb Vocal Mix

Sir LSG,Ayanda Jiya - Sandcastle - Sir LSG Main Mix

Sir LSG,Brian Temba - Don't Give Up - Radio Edit

Situation,Andre Espeut,Sean McCabe - Beyond Compare - Sean McCabe Vocal Mix

Solu Music,Gabby Law - Feelin' Love Again - radio edit

Sonic Soul Orchestra,Kathy Brown,DJ Meme - So Into You - DJ Meme Reboot Mix

Sonny Fodera,Yasmeen - Caught Up (feat. Yasmeen) - Kings Of Tomorrow Remix

Sonny Fodera,Yasmin,David Morales - Feeling U (feat. Yasmin) - David Morales Remix

Sophie Lloyd,Dames Brown - Calling Out (feat. Dames Brown)

Sophie Lloyd,Dames Brown - Raise Me Up (feat. Dames Brown) - 7" Version

Soul Clap,Nona Hendryx,Hot Toddy - Shine (This Is It) [feat. Nona Hendryx] - Hot Toddy Marimba Message Vocal Mix

Soul Clap,Nona Hendryx - Shine - This Is It

Soul II Soul,Booker T - Back To Life - Booker T Kings Of Soul Satta Dub

Soul II Soul,Booker T - Keep On Movin' - Booker T Mix

Soul II Soul,Booker T - Keep On Movin' - Booker T Mix

Soul II Soul,Zepherin Saint - Back To Life - Zepherin Saint Thunder Dub

Soul II Soul,Zepherin Saint - Back To Life - Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal Mix

Soul Inscribed,Rainy & Leon - Soul Shine - Rainy & Leon Remix

Soulbridge,Curtis Clark - I Miss You - Original Mix

Soulbridge,Dawn Souluvn Williams - My Incredible - Original Mix

Soulbridge,Emma Diva - Sunshine

Soulbridge,Michelle Rivera - I Can Love

Souldynamic,Debórah Bond - There Is a Place

Souldynamic,Jocelyn Mathieu - Fine Wine

Soulfuledge,Dave Anthony - Trust in the Lord - Dave Anthony Remix

Soulista,Karmina Dai - Symphomaniac

Soulsearcher,Dr Packer - Feelin' Love - Dr Packer Remix

South Soul Symphony,Jay Vegas - Another Day - Jay Vegas Tribute Mix

Souxsoul,Soulmagic - Remember Me - Soulmagic Radio Edit

Spencer Morales,DJ Spen,Tasha LaRae,Gary Hudgins - I Need Your Lovin - DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Extended Mix

Spencer Morales,Han Lei,DJ Spen - Are You A Winner - DJ Spen Original Vocal Mix

Spencer Morales,Randy Roberts,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - Without Your Love - DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Bootleg Dub

Spencer Morales,Randy Roberts,Sean McCabe - Without Your Love - Sean McCabe Classic Remix

St Germain,Osunlade - Sure Thing (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix)

Stacy Kidd,Tasha LaRae,DJ Spen - Heaven - Stacy Kidd & DJ Spen Original Mix

Staxx,Dr Packer - Joy - Dr Packer Remix

Sted-E,Hybrid Heights,David Shaw,Byron Stingily,Dave Anthony,DJ Spen - Candy Rain - DJ Spen & Dave Anthony DA Vibes Remix

Stephanie Cooke,Diephuis,Han Litz,Reelsoul - Beautiful Life - Reelsoul Main Remix

Stephanie Cooke,Fizzikx - Alright - Unreleased Fizzikx Vocal Remix

Sterling Ensemble,Stige,Terry Hunter - Deeper - Terry Hunter Remix Terry Hunter Remix

Sterling Void,DJ Spen,Reelsoul - It’s Alright (feat. Paris Brightledge) - DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix

Sterling Void,Vincent Coleman,DJ Spen - Sweat - DJ Spen Remix

Stones & Bones,Groove Assassin - Rhythm Of The Night - GA Remix

SuSu Bobien,DJ Spen,Thommy Davis - Love Sensation - DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Right On Time Mix

SuSu Bobien,Earl Tutu,John Khan,DJ Spen - Help Is On The Way - DJ Spen, Earl Tutu & John Khan Inspiration Information Mix

Sunkids,Chance,Dave Lee - Rescue Me - Joey Negro's In Full Swing Mix

Sunlightsquare,Omar,Dj Spinna - Dance with You - DJ Spinna Remix

Susanne Alt,Dj Spinna - Tudo Bem - DJ Spinna Remix

Susanne Alt,Opolopo - Elixir - Opolopo Remix

Sy Sez,Cleveland Jones - With You (feat. Cleveland Jones)

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