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DATA: 2023-06-22 TOTAL: 123 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance

Get your hands on the freshest edition of JunoDownload's Hot DJ Charts, featuring the most exciting tracks of June 22, 2023! Prepare yourself for a sonic journey through the pulsating beats and infectious rhythms that are dominating the electronic music scene. With 123 handpicked tracks carefully curated by industry experts, this chart compilation showcases the very best in house, techno, and other popular genres. From underground gems to chart-topping hits, this collection offers a diverse range of sounds that will elevate your music experience. Whether you're a DJ looking for new crowd-pleasers or a music enthusiast searching for cutting-edge tunes, JunoDownload's Hot DJ Charts is the ultimate destination to discover the latest and greatest tracks making waves in the industry. Stay ahead of the curve and immerse yourself in this must-have selection of electronic music's hottest picks.



A.D.H.S - Rastanta (Original Mix)

AO (MX) - El Tiempo (Original Mix)

AO (MX) - Revelation (Original Mix)

Acidulant - 45light

Alex Wave (RU) - Seven (Original Mix)

Amelie Lens - Feel It (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - Destino

Analog Jungs - Connection

Ander Cesteros - Cosmic Travel

Andre Pillar - Moving On

Andrewboy - Oxygen (Original Mix)

Anina Owly & Thomas Klipps - Spiny Lobster

Anturage, S.Samo - Magare (Alexey Union Remix)

Anza, DORIANN, LITCHI - I'll Find You (Original Mix)

Aquiver - Enjoy The Future

Artbat x Another Life - Breathe In (Original Mix)

Astrevea - Hope (Original Mix)

Beckers - Switch (Alex Stein Remix)

Bendtsen - Echoes

Bermio - The Things That I Feel

Billion Watchers - Science Fiction (Baez Remix)

Bisou - Unbound (Original Mix)

BLONDISH - Call My Name (Extended)

Booka Shade & M.A.N.D.Y. - Body Language (Baugruppe90 Remix)

Chapter & Verse, NoMe - Breathe (Extended Mix).mp3

Che Jose - The Last Hymn (Original Mix)

DEEP INSIDE (UA) - Valhalla (Extended Mix)

Depeche Mode - My Cosmos Is Mine (ANNA Remix)

Drelirium - Another Place (Original Mix)

Drzneday & Michaela - Change (doel Remix)

Einmusik x Richard Judge - I'll Follow (Extended)

Emrah Balkan - Wrecks (Original Mix)

Erika Krall, Indie Elephant - Vitamin (Extended Mix)

Fatih Ulusoy - Lateend (Chär Spinelli Remix)

Felix Raphael - Pieces (Hidden Empire Remix)

Fossil Archive & Roberto - Dark Forces

Freak Da Bass - Code Of Honor (Original Mix)

Fur Coat - Tomb Raider (Original Mix)

Gianni Luciano - Epiphania (Tomas Garcia Remix)

Gueva - Oink (ID ID Remix)

Gustavo Cerati - VIVO (FAERO Unofficial Remix)

Haums - Just Be (Extended Mix)

Helium Project - Arcadia (Mind Of Us Remix)

High Minds, Moonglass - Abstract (Original Mix)

Humantronic - Confusion

Idoru - Chance (ID ID Remix)

Ismael Rivas - Dancing in Your Fantasy (I.A Remix)

Ismael Rivas - Dancing in Your Fantasy

Jack Orley Ft. Tyrone - Like That (Extended Mix)

Johnny Astro & Tiki (RU) - Zombie Apocalypse

Juan Carlos B - Fallin' (Original Mix)

Julian Muller - Bright Grooves

Julius Jung - Der Rulpsende Esel

Kaguto - Space Duck (Original Mix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Away (Original Mix)

Keistep - Guardians of Light (Enertia-Sound Remix)

Kerim Muravey & Pawel Prutt - Tryambakam (Original Mix)

Kinky Sound - Yellow 911 (Original Mix)

Kita-Kei - Fushimi (Original Mix)

Kreisel - Tension (Original Mix)

LOUT - Secret (Original Mix)

Lara Klart - Soul

Lautaro Ibanez - Asteroid Dream (Original Mix)

Layton Giordani - Phantom (Original Mix)

Lena Storm - Acid Talks (Original Mix)

Lightning Effect - Be Free (Emcroy Remix)

M.O.S. & Matur - Ka (Original Mix)

M.O.S., Matur - Yaratam

Mario Ochoa - Pillars of Eternity

Markantonio & Drumsauw - Slave (Radio Edit)

Martin Villalba - Deja Vu

Matt Fax - High & Dry (Extended Mix)

Maxim Lany - Gravity (Adam Sellouk Extended Remix)

Mike Flaerty - Before The Storm (Original Mix)

Modbit - Dimension (Original Mix)

Moonwalk, Anden, HANA - Pendulum (Extended Mix)

Nicholas Van Orton - Oseram (Gonza Ponce Remix)

Nihil Young, Leo Islo - Future Self (Extended Mix)

Nopopstar - I'm a Take Your Wife (Original Mix)

Nursultan Kun - Loneliness (Extended Mix)

Nursultan Kun - Saturn (Extended Mix)

ODYSSAY - Running (Original Mix)

Odyssay - Running (Greenjack Remix)

Orchid, Pim Secle - '90's Kids (Original Mix)

PROGroyal - Try 2 Stop Me (Maksim Dark Remix)

Paul Farrell - Exile Is A State Of Mind

Perpetual Universe & Dual DeStress - Identify

Push - Madness In The Clouds (Extended Mix)

RY X - A Thousand Knives (Enamour Extended Remix)

Rafael Cerato - The Cult (Original Mix)

Rich Coote - 222

Ricky Retro & Scorz - Rule The World (Extended Mix)

Rokazer - Perspective (Original Mix)

Röyksopp - Feel It feat. Maurissa Rose

Rudra (SL) - Deep Divine (Original Mix)

Samuel L Session - Velvet (Funk D'void Remix)

Seb Skalski & Dave Mayer - NY Disco (Seb Skalski Remix)

Sevenn & Asher Swissa - The Pulse Of The Machine (Extended Mix)

Seventh Soul, Alowtefe - Oosh (Extended Mix)

Sébastien Léger - Blazing Ice

SHOUSE & David Guetta - Live Without Love (David Guetta Extended Remix)

Silver Panda, Meyer (ofc) - Freedom (Extended Mix)

Sons Of Maria - Lake Tahoe (Extended Mix)

Soul Button - Walking Straight Up (Alexey Union Remix)

Sound Fusion - Samhain (Original Mix)

Spartaque & Ramiro Lopez - Sunny Not Funny (Original Mix)

Spektre - The Unseen Path

Starving Yet Full, Matteo Bruscagin, Awill - Fire (Sharam Jey, Bakka (BR) Remix)

Stashion - Smoke Builds (Original Mix)

T78 & Cosmic Boys - Laser Bolt (Original Mix)

Tamer Fouda - Cybernetic (Original Mix)

Technotonic - Doom (Original Mix)

Thomas Labermair & Rn7 - Kalypso

Tim Enso - Circle of Life (Extended Mix)

Timmo - Feel Good

Tom Kynd - Keep Me

Tomy Wahl - High (Original Mix)

Ugur Project - High Pressure

Red Machine, Vakabular - Turn Off The Heat (Extended Mix)

Yves V & Sem Thomasson - Sound Of A Beating Heart (Extended Mix)

Zafer Atabey - Beluga

Zafer Atabey - Fearless (Phoenix Movement Remix)

kramek - Hardgroove

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