Junodownload Hot Dj Charts 2023-10-01

DATA: 2023-10-01 TOTAL: 143 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Step into the realm of sonic exploration with the JunoDownload Hot DJ Charts for October 1, 2023. This compilation is a vibrant mosaic of the tracks currently shaping the electronic music landscape. Genres collide and intertwine, offering a dynamic listening experience that caters to diverse tastes. From entrancing melodies to pounding beats, these charts encapsulate the very essence of electronic music's boundless creativity. Featuring established luminaries and rising stars, this selection is a testament to the genre's enduring innovation. Whether you're a seasoned DJ looking to elevate your sets or a music aficionado in search of the next big thing, these charts are your gateway to the forefront of sonic exploration.




AMARE - Voyage (Original Mix)

Afrobeat - Blooms (Original Mix)

Alan Dixon - Just Let Me Be (Original Mix)

Alberto Dimeo, Ferra Black - On Me (Extended Mix)

Alex Niggemann - Generation X (Original Mix)

Amcu, Neverloops - Noctambulo (Original Mix)

Andrew Grant, Lomez - Linda Linda (Original Mix)

Antonio BM - Self Control (Original Mix)

Bilgehan Ünver - What I Lost (Original Mix)

Bit D3pth, Lopez UK - The Chase (Original Mix)

Bontan, Pablo:Rita - Foreign Lands (Original Mix)

CDC (UK) - LaRumba (Original Mix)

Calvin Clarke - Catch A Vibe (Original Mix)

CamelPhat - DMT (Original Mix)

Candidate (UK) - Sore Feet Society (Original Mix)

Caravaca - Move (Original Mix)

Ceszar - Get Sexy (Original Mix)

Cristhian Balcazar - Realities (Original Mix)

DJ Andy de Gage' - Fire in the Sky (Original Mix)

DJ Merci - Another Love (Original Mix)

DZR - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)

Daniel Levak - Tunnelvision (Original mix)

Daniel Vilchez - Dark World (Original Mix)

David Silver - Sweat (Original Mix)

Deecross - Blade (Original Mix)

Diamond Fingers - White Horse (Original Mix)

Discuji - My People (Original Mix)

Discuji - Nartanya Satya (Original Mix)

Discuji - Paradox Garage (Original Mix)

Discuji - This Mystery (Original Mix)

Dj Maury Tripp - Lost In Music (Torres (COL) Remix)

Dole & Kom - Pow Pow (Original mix)

Dovetracks - DT2 (Afropino's Soul Edit)

Dyon - Bounce (Original Mix)

Elia Tessari - Stop Talking (Original Mix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird (Kings Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird (Marcus Worgull Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Blackbird (The KCBS Rework)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Bones (Dub Pistols & Freestylers Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Bones (Philippa Dub)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Clean The House (Christoph El Truento & Lucky Lance Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Mother Mother (Feiertag Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Mother Mother (Kid Fonque Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Russia (Nightmares On Wax 10th Anniversary Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver & Gold (Syrup D Version)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver & Gold (Yarni feat. Liv East Remix)

Fat Freddy's Drop - Soldier (Jazzanova Remix)

Fernando Lagreca - Burroughs (Original Mix)

Ferra Black, ENOS (US) - Funk Carioca (Extended Mix)

Ferra Black, Ricky Bobi - El Sol (Extended Mix)

Filip Fisher, JO:LE - Mojave (Original Mix)

Fisher & Fiebak - Find the way (Original mix)

Flashmob - Ni Music (Original mix)

Format:B - Gospel (Super Flu's Antichrist Remix)

Foxel DJ - Una Mamba (Original Mix)

Franklyn Watts, Ferra Black - Melon (Extended Mix)

Fuchsia Casual - Factual World (Original Mix)

HUNTER (TN), M.A.N.I.L.A. - Deep Dominance (Original Mix)

Hatiras, Javi Bora - Raw & Dirty (Original Mix)

Himalayan Disco Force - Mountain Men (Original Mix)

Holocène - Escape (Original Mix)

ISAA - Shake Your Body (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Work For Me (Original mix)

Inafekt, Tenzella - Groove Tool (Original Mix)

James Organ - Electric Zoo (Original Mix)

James Organ - Spirit Of Sheba (Original Mix)

Jaw, Ice Planet - Gamblers (Original Mix)

Jendo (IT) - Left Right (Original Mix)

Jesse Bravo, Ferra Black - Bless (Extended Mix)

Jil Tanner - Burning (Original mix)

Joseph Cordova - La Situacion (Original Mix)

Juan (AR), Seb Iturra - Music (Original Mix)

Kydus - One Love (Original Mix)

kofla, Ferra Black - Discoteca (Extended Mix)

LOPBeats - Would You Still Love Me (Original Mix)

Lauer - Mercury Retrograde (Original Mix)

Lazarusman, Mele - The Panther (Original Mix)

Lee Jeffrey (UK) - Doin It 4 Saz! (Original Mix)

Lewis Boardman - Tutorials (Original Mix)

Life on Planets - The Quiet Storm (Original Mix)

Life on Planets - Wherever I Run (Original Mix)

Lomez, Timbre Woods - Cake (William Hicks and Lomez Remix)

Luca Olivotto - Love Moves (Original Mix)

Luca Olivotto, Marc Brauner - Hallo Hallo (Original Mix)

Lucas Moss - Disko Papi (Original Mix)

Luigi Rocca, Jamie K - Aeropoli (Original mix)

Marc Brauner - Many Times (Original Mix)

Martin Eyerer, Ackermann - Sine (Original mix)

Martin Waslewski - Moonburn (Original mix)

Matrefakt - Paper Work (Original Mix)

Matteo Freyrie - Wake Ya (Original Mix)

Mendo, Danny Serrano - Kumbha (Original mix)

Mitch & Benan - Funk Voices (Original Mix)

Moji, Kydus - Boomtang (Original Mix)

Moonbootica - Above Your Trouble (Original mix)

N'dinga Gaba, Life on Planets - Fata Morgana (N'Dinga Gaba Remix)

Namito, Martin Eyerer - Feuersee (Original mix)

Nephews - Screen Time (Original Mix)

Niteplan - 6 In The AM (Original Mix)

Noya Chekoral - Turn Up The Hit (Original Mix)

Patchouli - Sunshine Glow (Original Mix)

Patrik Berg - Pushing on (Original mix)

Pedro Mercado - Ro-Bots (Original Mix)

Pimp Faba - Fvcking Noise (Original Mix)

Pizeta - Klezmer (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix)

Qarrassa - Orjun (Original Mix)

Rachid van Aalst - I Want U (Original Mix)

Rainer Weichhold - Ries (Carlo Lio remix)

Rexton - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Rob Hes - Embrace (Original Mix)

Ruud van den Muijzenberg - Hiding in the Wolf's Lair (Original Mix)

SUN-J - We'll Be Back Again (Original Mix)

Sante - Machu Pichu (Original mix)

Seeing Without Eyes - Freedom (B-Less Mix)

Seek Arguedas, Ivan Kook - Error 404 (Original Mix)

Serge Devant, Sabb, Forrest - Waiting (Bontan Remix)

Simon Emme - Does It Matter (Original Mix)

Smithh - Keep On (Original Mix)

Steve Kelley - Danse (Original Mix)

Swavé, Ferra Black - Burna (Extended Mix)

Tenzella - Hi 79 (Original Mix)

The Angel, Kydus - Jupiter Rising (Original Mix)

The Delacroix Project - Into the Fire (Original Mix)

The Reason Y - Unparalleled (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

Timbre Woods - Ghosts of Alcudia (Andrew Grant & Lomez Mix)

Vhyce - A Clay That Never Dries (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - A Night In Tunisia (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - Alone Together (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - Can't Do Without You (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - Kiki (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - Last Night (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - Lonely Raver (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - Vibrations (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - You Don't Hurt Me (Original Mix)

Viken Arman - You With Me (Original Mix)

Vincent Marlice - Yellow Flare (Stefanie Raschke Remix)

WHYT NOYZ - White Horses (Original mix)

Warren Blake, Ferra Black - Ferrari (Extended Mix)

Yousef - Give It To Me (Original Mix)

Yousef, Shyam P - Reminders (Original Mix)

Yousef, The Angel, Bontan - Believe (Original Mix)

Yves Eaux, Nick Vale - Inception (Original Mix)

Zappe - Larrys Exotic Blend (Original mix)

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