Junodownload Top 100 New Organic House / Downtempo 2023-10-10

DATA: 2023-10-10 TOTAL: 99 GENRE: Organic House / Downtempo

Prepare to be enchanted by the ethereal sounds of the JunoDownload Top 100 New Organic House / Downtempo tracks for October 10, 2023. This chart is a handpicked selection of the genre's most enchanting and atmospheric tunes, designed to whisk listeners away on a melodic journey. Organic house and downtempo music are celebrated for their ability to merge natural, acoustic elements with electronic production, and these tracks epitomize that fusion. From soothing melodies to intricate rhythms, each composition creates a dreamlike soundscape that's perfect for unwinding or adding a touch of serenity to any environment. Whether you're a dedicated fan of organic house and downtempo or simply curious about its captivating charm, this chart is your gateway to discovering the genre's latest gems.




ANUQRAM - System Change Dulus Remix

Alfredo Botta, Tibetania - Alexandria (Jack Essek Remix)

Anber - Rika Original Mix

Andrea Cassino, Lio Q - Torrontes Original Mix

Andy K - The People Original Mix

Anton Ishutin - Trip to South Extended Mix

Arina Mur - Spin the Dawn Extended Mix

AtalaiA - Ambient Elephants Original Mix

Audiotones, Ranta - Theravada (Original Mix)

Aurel den Bossa, Ias Ferndale - Agua Blancas Molac Remix

BENSHU[SB] - Voxy (Original Mix)

Bákayan - Ala Bora (Fairplay Remix)

Beije - While We're Here Extended Mix

Big Al - Amber Original Mix

Bjorn Salvador, Middle Aged Dad - Windows (Original Mix)

CANCCI - Lisergia Extended Mix

Cahelo - Elsewhere DSF Extended Remix

DJ Zombi - Hypnotised By The Sky (Original Mix)

DLNJA - Street Lights (Original Mix)

DSF - Zoo Original Mix

Darper - Midnight Original Mix

Death on the Balcony - Years Gone By Extended Mix

Der letzte Zwilling - Nepal (Pay Kusten Remix) (Original Mix)

Dimitri Andreas, Igor Vicente - La Bamboula (Novox Mix)

Dofamine - Gradient (Original Mix)

Double Touch - Earth Guardians Original Mix

Double Touch, Pippi Ciez - Spitfire (Original Mix)

Ektoplast - Tumulte (Original Mix)

El Mundo, Anatolian Sessions, Danny Shamoun, Qualista - Amida Satori & El Mundo Remix

Erdi Irmak - Mirage (Original Mix)

Erdi Irmak, HAUMS - City of the Sun Extended Mix

Etna - Universo Original Mix

Evelynka, Jean Vayat - My Soul Extended Mix

Flave, Ouhana, KataHaifisch - Milkyways of Skin Original Mix

Florian Gasperini - Les Voies Des Fleuves Indiens Greg Ochman Extended Remix

FunkForm - Fall Apart (Original Mix)

Gaba (BRA), HOO - Foggy Carnival Original Mix

Gabriel Castillo - El Baile Del Duende Marco Tegui Remix

Gadi Mitrani - Luminous (Original Mix)

Gai Barone, Dave Damage, Micah Paul Lukasewich - Soaring feat. Dave Damage (Extended Mix)

Greenage - Beauty of the Past (Original Mix)

Hermanez - A Kind of Tree (Original)

Hiroyuki Kajino, Atsushi Asada - Utopia (Original Mix)

Hraach - Pigments (Original Mix)

Ilias Katelanos, Plecta, Alej Ch - Khao Sok Extended Mix

Izhevski, Stan Tone - Bogatyr (Original Mix)

Jaanh - Lemonade Lake Erdi Irmak Remix - 2023 Remaster

Jamie Stevens, Treavor Moontribe - Pandemic Poem Noraj Cue & Unders Remix

KAZKO - Sun Dance Original Mix

Kamilo Sanclemente - Eclipse Original Mix

Kamilo Sanclemente - Strange Dreams (Original Mix)

Kindrid Souls - Activate Original Mix

Kren Organico - Tribu Descalza (Original Mix)

Lenz (DE) - Two Sisters Original Mix

Loveclub, Maxxim, Domingo + - Mystique Extended Mix

MI.LA - State of Mind Extended Mix

Madota - Del (Original Mix)

Madraas - Vida Juan Deminicis Remix

Matur, Sanjaya - Triangle Extended Mix

Maty Owl - The Calling Original Mix

Michael Simon, Dj Kid - Angeli Extended Mix

Minnado - Una Nei (Original Mix)

Molac - Escape in July Original Mix

Momo Khani, Joseph Kaz - Azadi Original Mix

Monojoke - Spiritual Healing (Original Mix)

Monojoke, M-Sol DEEP - About Soul Original Mix

Mosoo - No Place To Go (Original Mix)

Nhii, Kahari - Carn Menyn (Original Mix)

Nice-D, Dr Parnassus - Locomotiva (Nice-D Remix)

Nohan - All I Need (Extended Mix)

Nursultan Kun, Soul Engineers - Dusk Symphony Extended Mix

Paul A. George - Maleny in Cumbia 22 Original Mix

Paulo Sepp - Belele Julioo Remix

Peter Makto - Volatile Emotions Original Mix

Phelles - Encounter (Original Mix)

Polo (AR) - The Very Essence of Being (Original Mix)

QTEQ, Alexandr Craft - Orbital Original Mix

RAMMÖ - Pablo's Dream (Noraj Cue & Unders Remix)

Rauschhaus - If I Had Wings (Flowers on Monday Remix)

Rauschhaus - If I Had Wings Flowers on Monday Remix

Ricardo Angeles - Changes (Original Mix)

Rukhman - Forgotten Days Original Mix

Sebastian Campo, Leandro Lago - Desert Soul Original Mix

Sebee, Malik Faquir, Navaa - Illuminos Extended Mix

Serious Dancers - Allegra (Original Mix)

Serious Dancers - Rajiya Original Mix

Serious Dancers - Sabase Pahale Ilias Katelanos & Plecta Remix

Shai T - Summer O'clock (Original Mix)

St.Ego, M-Sol DEEP - Lost Promises (Original Mix)

Stavroz - Kick Up the Dust (Extended Mix)

The Neighbors, Tara Jam - Overload (Extended Mix)

Three Little Notes - Solar Atol Original Mix

ÜNAM - Presence Original Mix

VINKHEL - Story Original Mix

Valeria Petz - Meraki Arbey González Remix

Ventt, Keparys - Eyes of Tomorrow Original Mix

Ventt, Keparys - Velaris Original Mix

Wassu - Lissu Original Mix

pumbum - One Heart Extended Mix

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