Resident Advisor Top Hard Dance / Hardcore 2023-11-23

DATA: 2023-11-22 TOTAL: 237 GENRE: Hard Dance / Hardcore

Resident Advisor amplifies the intensity with its "Top Hard Dance / Hardcore" compilation for November 23, 2023. This collection is a dynamic showcase of the hard-hitting beats and unbridled energy that define the hard dance and hardcore genres. Curated to deliver an impactful and exhilarating auditory experience, the compilation features tracks that embody the relentless spirit and sonic innovation of these electrifying genres. "Resident Advisor Top Hard Dance / Hardcore 2023-11-23" is a must-listen for enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-fueled musical adventure and a glimpse into the cutting-edge sounds propelling the hard dance and hardcore scenes forward.




3 Steps Ahead - Drop It Edit

220 BPM Junkie - Drop the Fucking Beat Original Mix

ANDY SVGE - Say Ho! Original Mix

Act of rage, Nolz - Raging Reckless Cold Confusion Remix

Akira - Smoke Dad Original Mix

Akira - Syncopation Original Mix

Alee, Restrained - Life's 2 Short Rulebreaking Special Extended Mix

Alee, Unifire - Partyshit Extended Mix

Anderex - Digital Dystopia Extended Mix

Anderex - Hydrochloric Extended Mix

Andy The Core - RUDE METHODS Extended Mix

Andy The Core, Frenchkillerz, BLACK FREQUENCY - DON'T BE SCARED (feat. BLACK FREQUENCY) Original Mix

Andy The Core, Frenchkillerz, Hyperverb - STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE (2023 RMX) Original Mix

Andy The Core, XELOR - READY 4 WAR Original Mix

Angerfist - Blackness Defqon.1 2023 BLACK OST

Angerfist - No Time To Lose Extended Mix

Angerfist, Miss K8 - Breinbreker Extended Mix

Angerfist, Nolz - Syndicate Of Noise Official SYNDICATE 2023 Anthem

Angerfist, Reinier Zonneveld - Take U Back Reinier Zonneveld's 2023 Mix

Anime - Blow Up Extended Mix

Anime - My Breaker Extended Mix

Anime, D-Fence - Letting Go Extended Mix

Attack, RVAGE - Bring It Back Extended Mix

Autiszm - Catatonia Original Mix

Aversion - Disgrace Me Pro Mix

Axe Gabba Murda Mob - Things Are Bad Original Mix

Balagan - Clic Clic Original Mix

Balagan, Densha Crisis - The Core Original Mix

Bass Modulators, Bass X Machina - Take Control Original Mix

Basswell - Massive Attack Original Mix

Billx, Da Mouth Of Madness - We are Frenchcore Original Mix

Bioxeed - Hammered Original Mix

Blockdata - Drone Swarm Original Mix

Bloodlust - Feed Your Soul Extended Mix

Bloodlust - How Will I Know Extended Mix

BreakStyle, PsykoPhonic - Get Lit Original Mix

Broken Minds - What You See Is Extended Mix

Bulletproof - By Your Side Extended Mix

Butterfist - Different Breed Original Mix

Cause of Death - Danger Original Mix

Cause of Death - Pseudo Science Original Mix

Chaos Project - Ruthless For Life Extended Mix

Coone, Brennan Heart, Max P - Forgive Me feat. Max P Extended Mix

Creeds - Work That Original Mix

Cryogenic, Hysta - Player Nr. 1 Original Mix

Cubic Nomad - Difficult Situation Original Mix

Cubic Nomad - The Resistance Original Mix

D-Fractek - Spooky Rave Original Mix

DEEZL, So Juice, Cybergore - WHITE_NOISE Extended Mix

DJ Chosen Few - Chosen Paradize HkganKstaReniKZ Edit

DJ Elmo - We're The Generation Original Mix

DJ Salvo - No Matter Of Time Original Mix

DJ Thera - Legend Pro Mix

Da Mouth Of Madness, Yoshiko - Gabba Flow Original Mix

Daedra - Be Real Back with Some Real Crossbreed

Darksider - Against the Dark Original Mix

Darksider - Artificial Blood Original Mix

Deadly Guns, Juliëx, Major Conspiracy, MC Robs - The Hardcore Elements (feat. MC Robs) Original Mix

Densha Crisis - Monster Original Mix

Der Cherep - Weaver of Destinies Original Mix

Desolation - Dead Space Original Mix

Detest, eDUB - Sick Raver Original Mix

Digital Punk - The Future Is Ours Extended Mix

Digital Punk, Phrantic - Number 1 Supplier Extended Mix

Dimitri K - AK-47 Original Mix

Dimitri K, Deadly Guns - Game Over Original Mix

Dione - Back 2 Da Oldskool Original Mix

Dissoactive - Gonna Die Original Mix

Dither - B With U Extended Mix

Dither, Mc Livid, Major Conspiracy - Party Life Extended Mix

Dither, Spitnoise - Funky Fat Beat Extended Mix

Dolphin - Breakin' Necks Original Mix

Dolphin - Golden Linings VIP

Dolphin - The Mixtape Album Original Mix

Don Woezik, Sara Landry - First Breath Extended Mix

Doormouse - Acid Americano Original Mix


Dwaine Whyte - Let's Go Original Mix

E-Force - The Remedy Extended Mix

Ebe Company - Lost in Space Original Mix

Endymion - Speakers Blow Original Mix

Energetic-X - Demesne Original Mix

F. Noize, Unlocked - Rave Therapy Extended Mix

False Idol - Matchmaker Extended Mix

Fear Factor - Mind of the Universe Original Mix

Fish And Rice - The Brand You Can Trust. Original Mix

Flymeon - Raving Mothafucka Original Mix

Formek, Usamov - Core Network Original Mix

Fraw - Bounce B#tch Extended Mix

Frostbite - New Era Original Mix

Furyan, Hysta - New Rave Extended Mix

Future Is Offline - Grosse Vibe Original Mix

Gabber Eleganza, HDMIRROR - Seen It Original Mix

Gabber Eleganza, Violent Magic Orchestra - Martello Mosh Pit (feat. Gabber Eleganza) Original Mix

Gangster Alliance, Revenja - Monster Original Mix

Ghost Grinder - G Life Trap Original Mix

Goetia - Incipit Remake Original Mix

GridKiller - Won't Dissipate Extended Mix

Hellfish - Lets Bang Original Mix

Hellfish - Tuning Original Mix

Hellsystem, Karun - Home Again Extended Mix

Hellsystem, Lem-X - Keep It Real Extended Mix

Hungry Beats - Víc V$eho! Original Mix

Hysta - Antidote Original Mix

Hysta - Sky Ablaze Original Mix

I:Gor - Funkcid Original Mix

Inqoherent, Mykoz - Only You Original Mix

Iridium - Give It to Me Original Mix

Iridium, Nagazaki - No Compromise Original Mix

Januskopf - Chug-Jug-Chit-Chat Original Mix

Januskopf - You Said Original Mix

Javi Boss - Insanity Original Mix

Juliëx - Represent Oldschool Extended Mix

Kick Therapy - Not A Test Original Mix

Kilbourne - Milkshake Original Mix

Korsakoff, Hysta - Choose Life Extended Mix

Krista Bourgeois - Creation Through Destruction Original Mix

Kronos - 1991 Original Mix

Kronos - New Generation Original Mix

Kronos, Rooler - FCK DAT! Extended Mix

Lady Dammage - Crazy Extended Mix

Lady Faith - Strike Gold Original Mix

Le Bask, D-Frek - Six Names Extended Mix

Lenny Dee, Malke - Core to the Rotten Original Mix

Levenkhan - Rest of my Life Original Mix

Lil Texas - First Love Original Mix

Link - IT'S ABOUT TIME Original Mix

Lunatic, Miss Hysteria - Obsessions Negative A Remix

MARKOR - They Control Original Mix

MUST DIE!, Lil Texas - We Need A Doctor Original Mix

Mad Dog - No Gimmick Original Mix

Mad Dog - Time Original Mix

Mad Dog - Xtreme Audio (Official Thunderdome 2023 Anthem) Downtempo Version

Mad Dog - Xtreme Audio Official Thunderdome 2023 Anthem

Mad Dog, Dave Revan - The Roots Official Harmony of Hardcore 2023 Anthem

Mandidextrous - EA Raves Flyp Fermentor Remix

Mandidextrous, T-Menace, Savage States - Move Original Mix

Marc Acardipane - Atmos-Fear DJ Mad Dog Remix

Mat Weasel Busters - Life & Death Original Mix

Meccano Twins - ThisIsHell Original Mix

Mike Redman - Roffadamn Jungle Original

Mish - RAVE IN PARADISE (Official Free Festival 2023 Anthem) Extended Mix

Miss K8 - Infinity Extended Mix

Miyuki Omura - Perfect Education Original Mix

Miyuki Omura - That's Me Original Mix

Mortifer - Artcore Battles Original Mix

Mutilator - Psychedelics Extended Mix

Mutilator - Toxic Rave Extended Mix

N-Vitral, Spitnoise, BOMBSQUAD - HYPER Extended Mix

NEIKA, Creeds, Vortek's - Beautiful Body Extented Mix

Namara - Break The Wall Original Mix

Nanostorm - Cold Blooded Original Mix

Ncrypta, Nolz, Fraw - ALPHA Extended Mix

Neophyte - Braincracking Nosferatu Extended Remix

Neophyte - The Ultimate Sound Extended Mix

Nightshift - WELCOME TO THE 90'S Original Mix

Nolz, Never Surrender - Spanish Warriors (Official Masters of Hardcore Spain 2023 Anthem) Original Mix

Nosferatu - The Oni Retribution Extended Mix

Nosferatu, Maintain - Birds Of Prey Extended Mix

OMAKS - Make Your Transition Original Mix

Oblvn - Techno Bitch Extended Mix

Omi - Hardmony Broken Minds Remix

Omni - Dance Machine Original Mix

Outsiders, Dutch Movement, Hans Glock - Ketamine Klappers Original Mix

Partyraiser, S-KILL - The Boogeyman Extended Mix

Paul Elstak, Firestone - Hardcore 4 life Original Mix

Poley Tight - Shoot These Pranksters Drokz Remix

Project XTC - House Time Original Mix

Psychoweapon, EQUAL2 - HARDCORE LIFESTYLE Extended Mix

Psyko Punkz, Sickddellz - Tik Tak Extended Mix

Rebelion - Das Ist Kein Techno Extended Mix

Rebelion - Vendetta X-Qlusive OST Extended Mix

Riot Shift - FIGHTING DEMONS Extended Mix

Riot Shift - SAME AGAIN Pro Mix

Roentgen Limiter - Cycle Original Mix

Rooler - FEEL DA RHYTHM Extended Mix

S3rl - This Beat Has Got Me DJ Edit

S3rl, Kayliana - Alien feat. Kayliana Original Mix

Sakyra - Driven By Demons Extended Mix

Sakyra - Ready To Rage Extended Mix

Sakyra, Hysta - Till The Sun Is Up Extended Mix

Sara Landry - Legacy Original Mix

Screecher - Downfall Extended Mix

Serzo, Matzic - Dance With Me Extended Mix

Shugz - We Go Harder Original Mix

Sikoti - Bang Bang Bang Original Mix

Sirio - Now You Die Original Mix

Skone, Protokseed - Dynastie Extended Mix

Slave To Society - Psychoactive Original

Slave To Society - Thrown To The Wolves Rebekah Remix

Smile Demon - Lost Cosmonaut Original Mix

So Juice - Poison Extended Mix

So Juice - You Don't Know Fraw Remix

Soulblast - Turn This Place Original Mix

Spindo - ITernal Original Mix

Spitnoise - Psycho Beat Extended Mix

Stereotype - Darkness Extended Mix

Stormtrooper - Become Wind Extended Mix

Stormtrooper - Midnight Magic Extended Mix

Stormtrooper, Project XTC - Hoover & Out Original Mix

Strange Arrival - Houndeye Hustle Original Mix

Sytri-x - Billie Jean feat. Loki Lonestar Original Mix

T-Menace, Roland Kulé - Do it Like This Original Mix

TNT - Can You Dig It Extended Mix

TNT - I AM TECHNO Extended Mix

TNT - The Speed Extended Mix

Tanukichi, T-Menace, Savage States - Badman Tune Original Mix

Teksa - WD40 Original Mix

Tha Playah, Neophyte - Negative Karun Extended Remix

The DJ Producer - The Sirens Of Aqua Sulis Original Mix

The Keytown Connection - Dropping Bombs Original Mix

The Outside Agency - International Karate Knightmare+ 2023 REMASTER

The Purge - FANTASYLAND Original Mix

The Ravenous - Blood Angel Original Version

The Relic - Duck Hunt Original Mix

The Saints - Take That Pill Extended Mix

The Satan - The Devil's Last Wish Extended Mix

The Sickest Squad - Th3 Futur3 Extended Mix

The Sickest Squad, A-Kriv - WINE & COKE Extended Mix

Thyron - ACID ANOMALY Original Mix

Thyron - CHAINSAW Original Mix

Tripped - One Day At A Time Original Mix

Tripped - Stronk The Outside Agency Remix

UNTMD - Punisher Original Mix

Unphased - War Never Changes Extended Mix

Unproven - Storm Extended Mix

Vertile - No Sleep Original Mix

Vexxed - World On Fire Extended Mix

Visceral - Age of Reason Original Mix

Vortek's - Bring The Rave Original Mix

Vortek's - Phonk Off Tekno Extended Mix

Vortek's, Teksa, Spice Up! - Bring It Back Extended

Vortek's, Teksa, Spice Up!, FLKN - Headphones feat. Spice Up! Original Mix

WICKED XXX - Acid Dreams Original Mix

Waldhaus - Guilty Pleasure (Industrial Edit) Extended Mix

Wild Fox, The Surge Project - Absolute Hardcore Original Mix

Zeltak - Money Speaks Original Mix

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