Resident Advisor Top Trance 2023-11-22

DATA: 2023-11-22 TOTAL: 294 GENRE: Trance (Main Floor), Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Psy Trance

Resident Advisor takes the lead in highlighting the crème de la crème of trance music with its "Top Trance" compilation for November 22, 2023. This compilation is a meticulously crafted selection that showcases the diversity and innovation within the trance genre. From uplifting melodies to powerful rhythms, the tracks featured in "Resident Advisor Top Trance 2023-11-22" embody the essence of trance music's emotional and sonic range. Whether you're a dedicated fan or a newcomer to the genre, this compilation is a definitive guide to the top-tier trance tracks that are making waves in the electronic music landscape.




A2B (IL) - Sleep, Work, Love Original Mix

Abdul Raeva - Navigator 3000 Original Mix

Aberber - I Feel Alrite Instrumental

Absolum - Surprises Upset People Locked Locker Remix

Achaiah (TR) - Voice of the Shamans Original Mix

Adrian Boland - Follow the Path Extended Mix

Afgang - Dreamstate Original Mix

Afternova - Young And Brave 2023 Remake Club Mix

Aimoon - Kaleidoscope Extended Mix

Airi - Bad Ghost Original Mix

Ak Morgan - Threat Sergey Brin Remix

Akhenatonn - Freedom Original Mix

Aktyum - The Space Between Original Mix

Alan Sharkey - Spiral Extended Mix

Albert Salvatierra - Melancholie Original Mix

Alex Wright - Electropia Extended Mix

Allan McLoud - Something Original

Allan Morrow - Willingness Extended Mix

Alternate High - Pandora Extended Mix

Andre Visior, Kay Stone - Sunrise Radio-Edit

Andreo - Ad Astra Original Mix

Another Dimension - Deep Destruction Midnight Extended

Anske - Confidence Extended Mix

Ara (DE) - Alien Tribes Original Mix

Arisen Flame - Back In the Days Extended Mix

Artifi - Astecco Original Mix

Assafr​ã​o - MGS Vice City _ 420​@​o​̂​a Trance Mix

Astore - Mutant Time Original Mix

Aurawave - The Meaning Of Life Original Mix

Avalona - Belize Original Mix

Awantalyst - Culmination Original Mix

Baraka, Spray (IE) - Think of Me Original

Basil O'Glue, Nomas - Mission Original Mix

Ben Gold, Ruben De Ronde - Bliksem Extended Mix

Ben van Gosh - Flying Ants Extended Mix

Blue Screen - You & Me Original Mix

Blue Sector - Deception Original Mix

Boneless live, Cosmic Wolf - Resolute Original Mix

Bours? - Killa Killa ØTTA Remix

Broken Dubs - Like A Drum Original Mix

Bryn Whiting - Temptation Extended Mix

CJ Art - Echoing Planetary Motion Original Mix

Camion Bazar - No Flag Original Mix

Camion Bazar - Parallel processing Original Mix

Cashm Pilot - On Fire Original Mix

Cenk Basaran - The Finger Original Mix

Chevals - EuroMadness Extended Mix

Cloud6 - Believe In Me SilentBreakers Remix

Conor Holohan - Physical Universe Extended Mix

Corey Croft - O Choco Original Mix

Cosmic Wolf, Ana Valeriano - Hypnotic Original Mix

Cosmithex - Polarity Original Mix

Cramp - Unity Extended Mix

Critical Sequence - I Am Calling My Heart Original Mix

Curtis & Craig - Be The Flame Original Mix

DIM3NSION, Frank Spector - 1000 Miles Away Extended Mix

DJ CioL - Satellite Original Mix

DJCybertsai - Take It from Me Hokori Remix

DT8 Project - Surrender Extended Mix

DaWTone - Unlimited Extended Mix

Daín - Red Lights Basil O'Glue Remix

Daley - Step One Original Mix

Dan Morgan - Brothers and Sisters Original Mix_1993

Darix, ILYIN - Good 2 Great Extended Mix

Darkskye - Annihilation Original Mix

Darren Aitken - Prima Original Mix

Deepcry - Alpha Original Mix

Dekel - Oasis Original Mix

Dennis Sheperd - Pressure Extended Mix

Deuteroz - Arkano Original Mix

Diagrama - Templar Legend Original Mix

Diego Costa - Time Original Mix

Dj Rufus - Destino Desconocido Original Mix

Dmpv, Anveld - Energy of The Future Extended Mix

Doug (BR) - Deep Matrix Original Mix

Dream Travel, Ltj Yard - Music In My Soul Original Mix

Dreamy, Madwave - Innocence Extended Mix

Dylhen - Mind Rewind Extended Mix

E11even - StarDusters Original Mix

Eamonn Fevah, Lost Knowledge - Day Tripping Extended Mix

Eclipse Echoes - Twisted Mind Original Mix

Ekanta - Same Same But Different Original Mix

Elastic - Base on Mars Original Mix

Electric Fathers of Creation - Judgement Day Club Deluxe

Eliyahu (IL) - Drive 'Til Dawn Original Mix

Enlusion, Slavlotski - Inferno Original Mix

Erik Lindenberg - Into The Dark Original Mix

Estiva, Josie - Better Days Original Extended Mix

Everi - Skywalker Extended Mix

Exciter - In The Shadows DoubKore & Lukerative Remix

FAWZY, Jeff Rush - Equilibrium Extended Mix

Fergie & Sadrian - Channeling Original Mix

Ferry Corsten - Connect Extended Mix

Ferry Corsten - Yes Man Extended Mix

Fiction (RS) - Conductor Original Mix

Flund - In My Eyes Extended Mix

Forever Heaven - Varian Arrival Original Mix

Frank Dueffel - Atardecer De Eivissa Extended

Freeman - Alien Playground Original Mix

GLF - So Far Original Mix

Gadolan - Sector G Original Mix

Gasjey - Parallel Universe Original Mix

Gaston fiore - Deep Inside me Original Mix

Gayax - Destination Original Mix

Gayax - Trance Emotions Original Mix

Gayax - Unlimited Original Mix

Genejoke - Brain Drain 2023 Remastered

Gerwin Van Engelenburg - Traveller Angelo d'onorio remix

Ghost Alchemy - Let Me Go Original Mix

Glen S - Ned Kelly Trance Original Mix

Glenn Morrison, AAYA - Twenty Something Club Mix

HANSABEATZ - Prodigious Original Mix

Hans Berg - Elevate Efdemin Remix

Hard Angel - Mutual Assured Destruction Original Mix

Hard Angel - Restarting Vision Original Mix

Harmon Eyes - Wet Surface Original

Hedustma - Kos Kob Original Mix

Heisenberg, Raveheart - Human Relationship Original Mix

Helena Kristiansson - Moon Sphere Original Mix

Hipoxya, Technical Intelligence - New Form Of Life Original Mix

I.E - All The Time Original Mix

I.E - Hiding When The Sun Is Dark Original Mix

ISTAR, Natali Dali - Second Side Extended Mix

Ian Solano - Blaine Extended Mix

Ilya Fly - This Day Will Come Original Mix

Invision - Skyfall Extended Mix

ItsMarcelK - TRANCE REVOLUTION (Extended Mix) Extended Mix

Jackob Roenald, Lightning vs. Waveband - Mysteries Around Us Tech Mix

Jacque Saravanté, Big Gal - Break Away Original Mix

Jens Jakob - The Peninsula Loop Original Mix

Jeremiah - Element Extended Mix

Jody 6 - You Make Me Feel Alive Paul Thomas Extended Remix

Joram Smit - Lucid Dreams Extended Mix

Justin J. Jones - The Anunnaki Frequency Original Mix

Kadum, Atmaom - Eternal Search Original Mix

Kai Steele - Fallen Heroes Original Mix

Keistep - Unfeeling Original Mix

Keistep - Waves of Nostalgia Original Mix

Keta Kraus - Cosmic Spirits Original Mix

Kezo Moon - Titan Original Mix

Kitsta - Liefmans REES Remix

Klara Sestiniova - Sogno Infinito Extended Mix

Kliment - Gone Into Wild Original Mix

Komakino - Outface Heerhorst Remix

Kyau & Albert - Chimera DJ Version

LAVBLAST - NEBO Original Mix

Lauren Mia - Oversoul Original Mix

Laydee Jane - Alumin-Ic Original Mix

Legion - Ancient Alien Original Mix

Lele Palmieri - The Great Dj-Elven, D-Myo Remix

Libra - Lunar Connection Original Mix

Lostly - Sawubona Extended Mix

Lostly - That Next Place Extended Mix

Luca De Maas - Remember Original Mix

Luccio, Dylhen - Running Away Extended Mix

Luke Terry, Sonic Element - Andromeda Sonic Element Extended Mix

M.I.K.E. Push - Oxygen Of The Soul Extended Mix

Mac & Monday - Kara's Theme Extended Mix

Malfunkt - Green Flow Original Mix

Malfunkt - So Real Original Mix

Marko-D - Time Is Taken Extended Mix

Markus Schulz, KhoMha - Take Me Extended Mix

Marmion - Schoneberg Original Mix

Matt Hardwick - In My Mind Instrumental Mix

Maywave - Second Side DJ Version

Mediivh - Abort Mission Original Mix

Mental Tech - Imaginarium Original Mix

Mentalist - Dreams Original Mix

Mercuroid - Ogin Original Mix

Mhammed El Alami - Healing Extended Mix

Michael Mason - Angelic Messenger Trance Mix

Michael Medina - System 12 Maywave Remix

Michael Milov, LR Uplift - Universe Extended Mix

Micky Stardust - Hanging by a Thread Original Mix

Mike S. - Good Piece for Beginners Original Mix

Mike Zaloxx - Skyfall Extended Mix

MindFlux (BR) - Shiva's Ritual Original Mix

Mogwaa - Driven Mr. Ho Remix

Morishige - Comprehend Original Mix

Morphic Resonance - Xenex Original Mix

Mr.Spirix - Painted Thought Original Mix

Narel - Tensile Original Mix

Narkissi - Clear Heart Original Mix

Nectar (FR) - Unknown Seekers Original Mix

Nick Rowland - Galactica Original Mix

NoPlace - Your Journey Extended Version

Nodos - Frutiger Boi Original Mix

Nomad Aliens - Free Spirit Original Mix

Nomad Aliens - Spirit Clutter Original Mix

Nomas, Deestopia - Control Original Mix

Nostic - I Follow You Original Mix

Ocot - Supraself Extended Mix

Oplewing - Messages Original Mix

Orinoko - Island Alt Mix

Orkidea - Fundamental Extended Mix

Ormus - Nehorah Original Mix

Oscilater - Adult Society Extended Mix

gene for fate - Hush Now Baby Original Mix

leakowr - Genetic Correction Leakowr

Pablo Artigas - My Soul Extended Intro Mix

Pablo Gargano - In My Head Original Mix

Pan - Anti-Matter Ice Cream Original Mix

Pandora, MONTSHO - Sacred Afrika Original Mix

Paolo Tossio, Samia - Unexpected Ways (feat. Samia) Original Mix

Paranetics - "V" New L.A. Version 2023

Paul Thomas, Fuenka - Gladiator Extended Mix

Paul van Dyk, Ciaran McAuley - Someone Like You Extended

Paul van Dyk, Rafael Osmo - Two Rivers Album Mix

Penera - Radio Planeta Original Mix

Phase Difference, Alexandros Armenis - Dawn Christopher Vassilakis Remix

Physical Phase - Artemisia Extended Mix

Pico Boulevard - Society Original Mix

Polzn Bladz - Modus Operandi Extended mix

Polzn Bladz - Wistful Thinking Extended Mix

Praun - Baby Original Mix

Proteus - Haven Original Mix

Protoculture - Weightless Extended Mix

Proxeeus - Cthonian Anomaly Original Mix

Psycrain, Flowwolf - Sojourner Original Mix

Pulsation 1 - Siegel Des Lichts Original Mix

RONEeS - Abyss Original Mix

Raphael Schon - Fiesta 2000 2023 Remaster

RedEye - Resort Annexia Original Mix

Redub - Motion Extended Mix

Refractor - Holographic Universe Original Mix

Reinier Zonneveld, Kiki Solvej - Through The Night Original Mix

Rigson - Ayys Original

Robert Vadney - Hypersonic Crash Dummy Original Mix

Roger Shah, Ambedo - Sun and Moon Instrumental Mix

Ruben Hadland - Beyond The Horizon Wolfframm Remix

Ruffault - Another Day Without You Lost Mix

S-Cosmos - SLJ Extended Mix

S7RENS - Iknowucare Dangerous Dreaming Remix

SOM - Hypnotic Rework 2023

Saavage, Digital Burst - Party People Original Mix

Sabura, Clap Codex - Reverie Original Mix

Samra - Right Now Original mix

Samuel Roos - Journey Original Mix

Sauli - Eini Original Mix

Secular Bonzo - Symbiosis Original Mix

Sensitive Seeds - Renewal Original Mix

Seti Project - Infinite Universe Original Mix

Sharmatix - Omniverse Original mix

Shekinah - Far Out Dream Original Mix

Shyda - Starstruck Original Mix

Shyisma - Neuroplasticity Original Mix

Sid Jenkins - Reason of Life Original Mix

Siskin - Rest of My Days Extended Mix

Sixfoot - Dancefloor Dreaming Original Mix

Slam Duck - Afterglow Extended Mix

Soaring Star - Ascension Original Mix

Sou Enomoto - Updraft Niveus Extended Remix

Soul Seers - Summer Vibe Original Mix

Soundwave (CHN) - Love of Reincarnation Extended Mix

Spacecoach - Space Eons Original Mix

Spench - Dimethyltryptamine 155 Original Mix

Steve OOOD - Cloud People Original Mix

Story of Light - The Art of Dreaming Original Mix

Stum - Orbit - Extended Original Mix

Subtara, Enlusion - Norscent Heads-down Mix

Sunlight Project - Darkstar Original Mix

Superoxide - Paradox Original Mix

Temple One - Love Has Gone Extended Mix

Tempo Giusto - The Portal Extended Mix

The Mfa - Specific Ocean Original Mix

The Space Brothers - This Is Love (2022 Remaster) Extended Vocal Mix

Thomas Machina, Magna Culpa - False Prophet Original Mix

Three Drives, Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 KREAM Extended Remix

Tiara, Dolphins Back In Paris - The Dream Original Mix

Tiësto - The Tube Remastered Jan Peters Remix

Tim Light - The Great Escape Extended Mix

Tomo - Through The Luminous Fountain Original Mix

Torsten Fassbender - Mandragora Original Mix

Toxic Scientist - Goa Jens Original Mix

Triade Project - Next Level Extended Mix

Trinodia - Subra Original Mix

Tywi - Reality Checkpoint Maruwa Remix

U-Mount, Paul Courbet - Paralimini Sunsets Extended Mix

Universal Frequency - Fair & Square Extended Mix

Univrz - Afterworld Original Mix

VBK - Kalinichta Original Mix

Via Axis, Purist, Yachay, Hierophants - Red Moon Tide Original Mix

Vilchezz - Eskorbuto Original Mix

Virtual Symmetry - The Discovered Theme Original Mix

WILLEM - Warm Notes suki Remix

Wayzy - Travel Original Mix

Whoriskey - Save Yourself Nomas Remix

Wongo, Little Fritter - Real High Original Mix

Worms of the Earth - Tomb Sand Original Mix

Wubba Lubba - Rakija Original Mix

Yujn - Impossible Extended Mix

Zeridium, Jungli - Aroha Original Mix

Zorak - High Time Original Mix

Zurg, Lactarius - Into the Vortex Original Mix

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