Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech April 1st, 2023

DATA: 2023-04-01 TOTAL: 147 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

Traxsource has just released its Essential Minimal / Deep Tech chart for April 1st, 2023, and it's filled with some amazing tracks that are sure to get any party started. The chart features a mix of established artists and up-and-comers, all bringing their own unique take on the Minimal / Deep Tech genre. Some highlights include "Lost in the Groove" by David Penn and KPD, "Feel the Music" by Joeski, and "Jungle Fever" by Mihalis Safras. Whether you're a seasoned DJ or just a lover of great music, the Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech chart is definitely worth checking out.



ACA (YU) - Kenobi

Acidity - Perfect Moment

ADMNTi - Swing About Town

akatuki - Keyboard Voice

Alessio Viggiano - Liquid Soap

Alex Bra - Invaders (Original Mix)

Anderson M - Above the Clouds

Andres Blows - Pupil

Andres Shockwave - Black & Darking

Andres Shockwave - Blushhed (Orginal Mix)

Andres Shockwave - Venn Diagram

Ant KLENT - No Time to Play

Anton C - Music Bomb

Anton C - Way Back

Antonio romano - Spotted

atish & Vridian - Instant Transmission (Mihai Popoviciu & Markus Homm Remix)

August Artier - Lo-Fi Stories 03

Bastien - Mal LLevado (Original Mix)

BKLN - All The Time

Boris Werner - El Todo Mondo

Boulderhead & Overnite Oates - Bread Butter Noodles Spice (Original Mix)

Canti & Aguacate - Matraca (Ray Okpara Remix)

Casey Spillman - Full Circle

Cesar Blue - Aurora

Cesare vs Disorder - King Move (Original Mix)

Cosenza - Hitting Records

Cote Blanlot - Personal Love (Original Mix)

Craig Hamilton - On the fly tip

Crewcutz - Had 2

Cross & VAPA & Ntfo - Venloer Calling (NTFO Remix)

Cupido. - Project Americas (Justo Ferreyra Remix)

D'Julz - Highway (Janeret Remix)

Daniel Meister - Meantime

Diego (CL) & Jeremias Lihn - Here We Are

Dimmish - Green House

Dina Kaderi & Sebastian Ledher - That (Original Mix)

Discult Soundsystem - Brettchen

DiSKOP - Pavonine

Dj Rendo - 457 Calling (Original Mix)

Dop - Kikimoro (Tripmastaz Remix)

Dubman F. - Planet (Emiliano Martini Remix)

Easttown - Paradise Garage (Original Mix)

Emiliano Martini - Hocus Pocus

Fedo - I Was Born Tonight (Silat Beksi Remix)

Fedo - I Was Born Tonight

Felix & Papilla - GgggGgggG

Flavius - Mixed Signals

Frankov & Rone White - No Salsa (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardo - Whatchagonnado

George Smeddles - System On

Gunnter - Mental Reset

HAAK. - Sounds Of Fish

J Gabriel & Chuffing Buffy & Frazer Campbell - Transform Dub (Frazer Campbell Version)

James Dexter - I Know (Original Mix)

Jamie Fielding - It's Obvious

Jizz - Skyland (Original Mix)

Jorge Savoretti - Onirica

Jose Vilches - Faylona

Joseph Edmund - Wanted

Julien Fuentes - Ghetto Youth

Kassian - Parallel

Kenneth Scott - Lost Sonar

Kenny Oliver - Got 2

KiRKie - Creeping (Original Mix)

Koto Barrueto - 1968

Kreature - Body Banger

Kreature - The Infamous

Kreutziger - Keep Control (Original Mix)

Latmun - Just Play

Laydee V & Monita Dah - What Do You Expect (Original Mix)

Lee Onel - Duck

LEON (Italy) - Starshots (Extended Mix)

Lola Palmer - Imagine That

Lost.Act & Gianluca Felline - Cabaret (Gianluca Felline Remix)

Lucas Alexander - Alright Or What

Lucas Alexander & Timmy P - Trust

Lucho (USA) - Killer Instinct

Luis Bravo & Daniel De Roma - Timbers

Luis Ferro & Daniel De Roma - Gotcha

Lunoize - Plants Need Wota (Nathan Inman Remix)

Malone & Riveron - Don't Look Back

Man Go Funk & INRIANA - I'll Be True (Soulfreq Remix)

Manoova - The Break

Marcos Aldinio - Roots

Martinii - A New Direction (Original Mix)

Massimomusic - Positive Vibe

Matteo Dentone - Dad (Original Mix)

Medu - El Palmar

Mehlor - Echo Beach (Original Mix)

Melgar - Postvill

Mene & ACA (YU) - No Me Impolta

Mennie - From The Ground

Mennie - Reactive Memory

Mennie - Symetrix

Mihai Popoviciu - Automat (Original Mix)

Mike Scot - Rock the Discoteque (Francis UK Remix)

MINT (JPN) - Light Quantum

Moglis - Stressed Out

Monica Venturella - Vitamine

Morpei - Emergency Landing

Nas Elmes - Bass Down Low (Extended Mix)

Neverdogs - The Sky (Ollie Bentley Extended Mix)

New Balaance - Astral Projection (Original Mix)

Nicolas Veccia - Little Helper 398-4

Odette - Likey Like (Ollie Rant Remix)

Ojha G - Purpose

Omega Men - Oh Boy (Original Mix)

Overtracked - Spooky

Oward - Go down

Ozeil - Looseness (Original Mix)

Pasha Philin - Highlights

Patella & Harvo - Plastic Portal

Paul Was - Cycle

Per Hammar - Returnation

Pergolizzi [IT] - Turn Back

Proudly People - Missing You

Raized - Abeesh Good (Original Mix)

Ranger Trucco - buss it.

Re:PerCussiOn - Tech Manouvres (Original Mix)

Reelow - There Was A Horse

Reelow - What The Heck (Original Mix)

Rich Nxt & Quenum - Return Rhythm (Original Mix)

Rick Sanders - Action

Riley - Club Soul (Original Mix)

Robbie Doherty - It's My Beat (Extended Mix)

Rossi. - Honey, I'm...

Salome Le Chat - Time To Move

Sante - The Groove Is Mine (Kellie Allen Remix)

Santi V (SP) - House Music

Shosho - Impulse

Shuu-T - Inside (Original Mix)

Shuu-T & PireZ_ - Feel

Sillaz - The Plan

Simon Ricci & Gosts & Gabriele Agostino - Move To The Beat (Extended Mix)

Sisto - Velvet Floor

Stefano Crabuzza - Transition

Strapontin & Zillas on Acid - Dial Up

Sugar Free - Hazme Sonar (Original Mix)

The Mekanism - My House (Jean Pierre Remix)

Thomas Jam - Agape

Tuccillo - Space Place

Tyrek - Shiny Things

u z z v - Bonus Point (Jamahr Remix)

Wellzee - Losing Control (Original Mix)

Will & Batty - Stay


Wlad & Kirik - Balcony View (Original Mix)

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