When We Dip Melodic House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-11-22

DATA: 2023-11-22 TOTAL: 51 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo

"Dive into the ethereal soundscape of the 'When We Dip Melodic House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-11-22' playlist, showcasing the forefront of melodic house music. Kicking off the musical journey is 'Ephemeral' by Rodriguez Jr., a track that intricately fuses emotive melodies and entrancing rhythms. Up next is 'Hikari' by Yotto, a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends euphoria and introspection. Concluding the top tier is 'Origen' by ARTBAT, an enchanting piece that unfolds a narrative of melodic richness. Let the waves of melodic house carry you away as these tracks paint a vivid portrait of the genre's evolving landscape."





Add-us - Forgotten Road

Adriatique,WhoMadeWho,RÜFÜS DU SOL - Miracle - RÜFÜS DU SOL Remix

Adriatique,WhoMadeWho - Miracle

Bedouin,Delaram Kamareh,Made By Pete - Hokema (feat. Delaram Kamareh) - Made By Pete Extended Remix

Bedouin,Nathan Daisy,Robin M - Coldman (feat. Nathan Daisy) - Robin M Extended Remix

CamelPhat,Kölsch - Colossus

Colyn - Action XI

Colyn - Cyclone

Colyn - Rushing

Colyn - Signal Received

EMPHI,John Cosani - Dust - John Cosani Remix

EMPHI - Dust

EMPHI - Photophobic

ENØS - Disruption

ENØS - Heaven

Einmusik,Paige - Arrival - Paige Remix

Eleven Of July - Cerbero

Eleven Of July - Friday

Eleven Of July - Nanthana

Eleven Of July - Your Heart & Your Mind

Giorgia Angiuli,Alfa Romero - Portal - Extended Mix

Giorgia Angiuli,Alfa Romero - Sad & Happy - Extended Mix

Gordo,Adriatique - With You

ID ID - Engrave

ID ID - Lightness

Jil Tanner - We Are Here We Are Now

Koelle,Reza Safinia,Ian O'Donovan - Reverie - Ian O'Donovan Stripped Remix

Koelle,Reza Safinia,Laure - Reverie - Laure Dub Remix

Kölsch - Pet Sound

Lake Avalon - Vacant

Lake Avalon - Void

MPathy,Cary Crank - Spike - Cary Crank Extended Remix

MPathy - Spike - Extended Mix

Moderat,Keinemusik,Rampa,&ME - More Love - Rampa &ME Remix

NoNameLeft - Flight Mode

Noir - Distant

Paride Saraceni - Intuition

Pig&Dan - Clouds

Pig&Dan - Fusion

Pole Position - Invaders

Pole Position - Robondanz

Robin Schellenberg,Rauschhaus - Moment of Silence

Robin Schellenberg,Rauschhaus - Space for the World

Rodriguez Jr.,Haffenfold - Synthwave - Haffenfold Remix

Rodriguez Jr.,Imaad Lagardien - Synthwave - Imaad Lagardien Remix

Rodriguez Jr.,OIO - Synthwave - OIO Remix

Sam Shure - Deviated

Sam Shure - Frontal

Sam Shure - Maybe

Sam Shure - See Yourself

Yotto,Julia Church,Nils Hoffmann - No Ending - Nils Hoffmann Extended Remix

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