When We Dip Progressive House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-11-24

DATA: 2023-11-23 TOTAL: 61 GENRE: Progressive House

"Explore the evolving landscapes of progressive house through the curated sounds of the 'When We Dip Progressive House Best New Extended Tracks 2023-11-24' playlist. Initiating the auditory adventure is 'Parallel Minds' by Stan Kolev, a composition characterized by its hypnotic beats and sweeping melodies. Next up is the collaborative effort 'Amarone' by Nick Warren & Black 8, a track that seamlessly weaves intricate textures and pulsating rhythms. Bringing the playlist to a climactic close is 'Moondust' by Kamilo Sanclemente & Rivellino, a cosmic journey of sound that transports listeners to otherworldly realms. Let these progressive house masterpieces redefine your sonic experience."





ARTN,Eric Lune - Blue Frog - Eric Lune Remix

Agustin Pietrocola - Density

Alan Schultz - Fluent

Antrim,Juan Fernandez - Waves Of Love

Antrim - Gamble

Bemannte & Bruder,Analog Jungs - Beyond Infinity - Analog Jungs Remix

Ben Pierre - Lune

Ben Pierre - Moonlight River

Cream (PL) - Lumiere

Cream (PL) - Prisma

Cream (PL) - Reto

Dabeat,Ivan Aliaga - Etna - Ivan Aliaga Remix

Dabeat - Etna

Dmitry Molosh - Glide

Dmitry Molosh - Outside

EMPHI,John Cosani - Dust - John Cosani Remix

EMPHI - Dust

EMPHI - Photophobic

Emi Galvan,Albuquerque,RIGOONI - Stay High - RIGOONI Remix

Emi Galvan,Albuquerque - Don't Kill The Messenger

Emi Galvan,Albuquerque - Stay High

Forty Cats,Dimuth K - Custom - Dimuth K Remix

Forty Cats,Jiminy Hop - Custom - Jiminy Hop Remix

Forty Cats,McKeown & Bassiray - Custom - McKeown & Bassiray Remix

Forty Cats - Custom

Fran Garay - Machine

GMJ,Matter - Arkeron - Original Mix

GMJ,Matter - Nassaukade - Original Mix

GMJ,Matter - Soular - Original Mix

Gorge,Markus Homm - Faded - Extended Mix

Gorge,Markus Homm - In My Soul - Extended Mix

Hicky & Kalo,Hernan Cattaneo - Voyage

Intacto,Paul Hamilton - Gandhara - Paul Hamilton Remix

Intacto,Tomas Garcia - Cambrium - Tomas Garcia Deeper Remix

Intacto,Tomas Garcia - Cambrium - Tomas Garcia Remix

Intacto - Cambrium

Intacto - Gandhara

John Dare,Paul Hamilton - The One For You - Paul Hamilton Remix

John Dare - The One For You

John Digweed,Nick Muir,Captain Mustache - Bleu Cobalt

Kostya Outta,Mike Griego - Space - Mike Griego Remix

Kostya Outta - Space

Kölsch - Pet Sound

Melodiam (AR) - Flying Sequences

Mundos Sutis - Magnetism

Mundos Sutis - Nuance

Mundos Sutis - Yue

Nicolas Viana - Dreamscape

Ric Niels - Dracarys

Ric Niels - Lose to Win

Rocio Portillo,Facucio - Aconcagua

Sebastian Sellares - Caliope - Extended Mix

Sebastian Sellares - Call to Arms - Extended Mix

Sebastian Sellares - Lullaby of the Seraphim - Extended Mix

Several Definitions,Tantum - This Is Not a Rave - Tantum Remix

Several Definitions - This Is Not a Rave

South Bloom,Volen Sentir - Let Me In - Volen Sentir Secret Technique

Spencer Brown,Ezequiel Arias - SF to Córdoba

Spencer Brown - Curve

Spencer Brown - Good Times

Stan Kolev - Arising

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