Resident Advisor TOP Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-11-21

DATA: 2023-11-21 TOTAL: 190 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

On November 21, 2023, Resident Advisor once again leads the way in spotlighting the finest in minimal and deep tech music with its "TOP Minimal / Deep Tech" compilation. This collection is a testament to Resident Advisor's commitment to quality curation, offering a carefully selected array of tracks that encapsulate the essence of these genres. From pulsating basslines to intricate beats, the compilation provides a sonic exploration into the nuanced world of minimal and deep tech. For both avid fans and those new to the scene, "TOP Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-11-21" is an indispensable guide to the genre's latest and most captivating offerings.




ADMNTi - Quasi Original Mix

ADMNTi - Soulmate Julian Anthony Remix

ADR (UK) - KOKO Original Mix

Admo - Sasha's Spaceship Original Mix

Alex Pervukhin - Tool for 22 February Original Mix

Alexis Raphael - I Wanna See You Dance Original Mix

Alice Clark, Legit Trip - Eject Original Mix

Amalgama - Las Font Original Mix

Andrey Djackonda - Believer Original Mix

Andrey Djackonda - When the Music Changes Original Mix

Aron Volta - Sleeper Cell Original Mix

Benny S - Roll The Dice Furz Remix

Berami - It's A Pleasure Original Mix

Berami - My Friend Original Mix

BizZa - Solaris Original Mix

Bizen Lopez - How Somebody Feels

Bosko Balos - You Do Smoke Original Mix

Boss Priester - A Solution Original Mix

Boss Priester - ROF66 Original Mix

Casey Spillman - Full Circle Original Mix

Cesare vs Disorder - Abaya Original Mix

Cesare vs Disorder - Limanade Original Mix

Chesster - Are You Aware (Of The Spacemaster) Original Mix

Christopher Ledger - Logical Form Original Mix

Ciphr - Dharma Sakro Remix

Coral O'Connor - Clueless Original Mix

Cosenza - Waterproof Original Mix

Cristina Lazic - Don't Write That Original Mix

Cristina Lazic - Wallball Original Mix

Cristina Lazic, Çesc - Waiting For The Sun

D'Julz - Highway Huerta Remix

D'Julz - Your Mom's Fav DJ Jorge Savoretti Remix

DIMMISH - Solar Original Mix

DJ Life - Hotdog Technology Original Mix

DJ W!ld - Smoke And Run MADVILLA Remix

DJ W!ld - The Right Choice Original Mix

Damn Sam - Hello Original Mix

Daniel Meister - Daybreak

Daniel Orpi - Muevete - Edit

Danny Snowden, Cuartero - The Return - Cuartero Remix

Danush - Acid X Original Mix

Dauwd - SpaceSamba Huerta Remix

Donnie Cosmo - Space Invaders Original Mix

Drtinieblas - Stepin'

Duncan Thomas - Up To Something Original Mix

Eden Burns - Puzzle Loop Original Mix

Eden Burns - Xoh Original Mix

Endemica - I Know You

Eric OS - Sound Capsule Original Mix

Eric OS - Wave Scape Original Mix

F.R.E.D.Y. - Global Warming Original Mix

Fabe (Ger) - Material Views

Fedo, Silat Beksi - Roots Original Mix

Fleur Shore - Flavours

Franky Rizardo - Apollo

Frink - Dislate Original Mix

Furz - They Don't Know Original Mix

Gabriel Evoke - Get Loose Original Mix

Gene On Earth - The Valley Of Lost Things Original Mix

Gene On Earth - Turbo Island Original Mix

Gorge - Some Day Neverdogs Remix

Gregorio Soave, Luther Vine - Hour Glass Original Mix

Harrison BDP - Couch Surfer Original Mix

Hector, David Gtronic - Purple Spit Original Mix

Isma Sgly - Otro Loco Mas

J6 - Mastermind Original Mix

Jack & Kepler - Chances Original Mix

Jamahr - Time Walk Original Mix

Jamahr, u z z v - Funambolo Original Mix

Jamie Trench - Manoeuvre Original Mix

Javier Labarca - Carambola Original Mix

Javier Labarca - Flowers Original Mix

John Camp, Theoretical Speed - Dusty Rugs H Foundation Remix

John Tejada - Infinism Original Mix

Jorge Savoretti - Lust Of Bass Original Mix

Julian Anthony - Retrograde Original Mix

Julian Fijma - Devious Dog Original Mix

Julien Fuentes - Ghetto Youth Original Mix

KRS Two - Dope Hits Monika Ross Remix

Kellie Allen - The Music Box

Kidoo - Hotwing

Kolter - Bust a Beat Original Mix

Korey (UK) - Mad Scientist Original Mix

Kosh - Square One Original Mix

Kreutziger - Keep Control Original Mix

L.P. Rhythm - Upside Your Head Locklead's Sweaty Workout Remix

LUCIO (Italy) - Lost Highways Original Mix

LUCIO (Italy) - Parametric Ambient Furz Remix

Late Replies - Love Is Not a Game - Original Mix

Len Vitz, Charlie iapicone - Playhouse Kolter Remix

Local Dub - V Line Cruiza Original Mix

Louden - Dimension - Club Mix

Loz Goddard - Space Nugz Boulderhead Remix

Lucho (USA) - Killer Instinct Original Mix

Luke Dean - How You Baby Original Mix

Luke Dean - Watcha Want? Original Mix

Luuk Van Dijk - Close Your Eyes

Luuk Van Dijk - I Saw The Future

M-High - Let J Say Original Mix

M-High - The Back Made Me Do It Original Mix

MADVILLA - Don't Stop Original Mix

MADVILLA - FM Trippin' Original Mix

Mad.Again - Give Me A Beat Original Mix

Mad.Again - Steppin' Original Mix

Mad.Again - Sugar Fi Paddy Lee Remix

Maggio (IT) - Just Landed Original Mix

Marc Brauner - Snowy Plover Original Mix

Mareels, Sacli - Mi Viejo

Mario Alban - Feelings La Matrice Reinterpretation

Marsolo - Continuum

Marsolo - Eye Of The Beholder Original Mix

Massi ISX, Giancarlo Zara, Francesco Squillante - Out That Way - Francesco Squillante Remix

Masupilami - VR TV Original Mix

Matichap - Dancing Trumpet Original Mix

Matt Klear - I Feel It (Deep Inside)

Matt Thibideau - Serge 5.0 Rework

Max Kernmayer - Show Em The Bass

Mehlor - Bsod Original Mix

Mene - Rummble

Mihai Popoviciu - Lit Original Mix

Mij Mack - Voices - Original Mix

Mike Shannon - The Way We Rise Original Mix

Mike Sharon - That Thang Janeret Remix

Milion (NL) - Check Dis Original Mix

Miss Wallace - Wisteria Original Mix

Mizaru - No Reason - Radio Edit

Mr. Fowks - Dirty Dishes

N-Gynn - Zero Fucks Given Yamen & EDA Remix

NTFO, Cross, VAPA - Venloer Calling NTFO Remix

NTFO, Vern - Neptunes - Vern Remix

Nachtbraker - Don't Worry Paolo Mosca Remix

Nail - Clear My Mind Original Mix

Neverdogs - Landed

New Balaance - Astral Projection Original Mix

Nick Curly - Altrip

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Emotions - Original Mix

Niteplan - Headshotz Original Mix

Nu Zau - Your Turn Original Mix

Odette - Break That Original Mix

Okain - Botellon Garrett David Remix

Oward - Trying To Make You Dance Original Mix

Ozzie Guven - Lost The Plot Original Mix

Paddy Lee - Inner C Original Mix

Padwerk - Hounding My Hotline Original Mix

Pangaea - Changing Channels Original Mix

Paul Rudder - Wind Peak Original Mix

Paul Rudder - Wind Peak

Per Hammar - Hydra T Dubb Original Mix

RE.beat (PT), Under the Radar - Hypnosed

REME - Run Away

Ranger Trucco, KLP - take notes. - Club Mix

Rangø, James Dexter - Lectures - James Dexter Remix

Rawman - Early Bird

Ricardo Argomaniz - Gal Dub


Riss - Slipped Disc Loopdeville's DUSTY Remix

Robbie Doherty - Two Twenty Original Mix

Robert James - Work It Kepler Remix

Rupert Ellis - Morrowind Original Mix

Rupert Harvey, Mr Phonic - Rub It In

Sakro - The Abyss Original Mix

Salomé Le Chat, Classmatic - Time To Move - Classmatic Remix

Sidney Charles - Groove Avenue

Simas, guerrA. - Causa Original Mix

Ssero - Arethha

Stacie Fields - Mi Scusi Extended Mix

Steve Kelley, Pornbugs - Last Time - Pornbugs Remix

Sublee - Reverb Nation Original Mix

THEOS - Remember High School Original Mix

THEOS, El Rod - Please, Get Away Original Mix

THEOS, Vons, Romeo Louisa - Nearest Exit - Romeo Louisa Remix

The Trip (UK) - Who Got The Funk? Original Mix

Thurman - Turbo Store Original Mix

Thurman, Oden & Fatzo, Yahzi - Love Infinity Original Mix

Timid Boy - Blond Tall Speed Mihai Popoviciu Remix

Tony V - Posing Cesare vs Disorder Remix

Traumer - Current Original Mix

Traumer, Anton, antraum - Hachi - Short Version

Traumer, Anton, antraum - Hachi Original Mix

Tre Reynolds - Old School Vibe Club Mix

Tuccillo - Outer Space Original Mix

Us Two - All My Life I've Been Dancing Extended Mix

Us Two - Red E Original Mix

VITO (UK) - Headzy Bop

Vince Void - Explorer Original Mix

Will & Batty - Conscious Minds Original Mix

Yaya - Red Dragon

YokoO, Bobi Stevkovski - Who Are You

YokoO, Zone+ - Once I Had It

ZYNK - Back To Funk

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